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Haian rubber: behind the miracle of "China's first tire"

a few years ago, all the giant engineering tires used in the mining and transportation of large open-pit mines in China were imported, and only three giants in France Michelin, Japan Bridgestone and Goodyear could produce them in the world. China's mining industry often stops mining vehicles due to tire problems, which affects the mining period. All this was seen by a Fujian man named Zhu Hui, who secretly made a force in his heart: I don't believe that China can't produce giant engineering tires by itself

bottom view of giant tire. Enterprise drawings

Zhu Hui, chairman of Fujian Hai'an Rubber Co., Ltd., was born in a poor family in Hai'an village, Fengting Town, Xianyou County, Putian City. At the age of 16, he was forced to give up his studies and began to do hard work. Until the Spring Festival of 1984, he had the idea of starting a business. Even when he led his villagers to the construction site of Baise Yantan Hydropower Station in Guangxi to do tire repair work, he became inextricably bound with the tire industry

after gaining the "first pot of gold" in the tire repair industry, Zhu Hui did not meet the current situation. His tire repair business rapidly expanded to Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhuhai, Pingshuo, Shanxi, Dexing, Wengfu, Guizhou, Benxi, Liaoning and the Three Gorges in Hubei. He successively built tire retreading plants at these construction sites to undertake the "one-stop" service of tire turnover, repair and management quota consumption

"where you come from, you get where you go. What Chinese people lack, I will break through." With this in mind, in December 2005, Zhu Hui, who has been struggling in the field of giant tire retreading for 10 years, decided to return home to establish enterprises and enter the field of giant tire production and manufacturing. Then, Fujian Hai'an Rubber Co., Ltd. was established in Fengting Park, Xianyou Economic Development Zone, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan and an area of 475 mu, which was listed as a key construction project in Fujian Province

Haian signed a contract with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Enterprise mapping

"618" helped the emergence of "China's first tire"

long before the establishment of Hai'an rubber, with exquisite renovation technology, the service life of the giant engineering radial tire renovated by Zhu Hui's team can reach 70% of the new tire, reaching the world advanced level, and reducing a large number of tire consumption costs for large and medium-sized mining and other engineering construction projects

with industry experience, but what the company lacks and the most critical is talents. Zhu Hui has always believed that the key to products lies in technology, the core of technology lies in innovation, and the source of innovation is talents. At the beginning of the establishment of Hai'an rubber, Zhu Hui began to recruit talents everywhere. In less than half a year, he convened nearly 100 technicians, and introduced a series of humanized welfare systems and effective incentive mechanisms to improve the cohesion and creativity of employees

among them, Huang Zhenhua, a senior engineer who is now the deputy general manager and director of the technical center of Hai'an Rubber Co., Ltd., was discovered and absorbed by Zhu Hui at that time. Behind the self-developed and manufactured giant tires belonging to the Chinese people, Huang Zhenhua has experienced all the ups and downs

"the research and development of giant engineering tires has long cycle, high cost and strict confidentiality of foreign technology. At the beginning, we were blank in terms of equipment, formula, structure and technology. We had no choice but to learn from the experience of retreading tires." Huang Zhenhua preached

for this reason, the cost of middo degradable substitutes is high T; At the Fujian project achievement Fair (now known as the China Strait project achievement fair, hereinafter referred to as "618"), the company married with Beijing rubber industry design and Research Institute, Beijing University of chemical technology and other units to develop China's first molding machine equipment for producing giant engineering tires. On the basis of determining the route of the process, how to connect, and whether the equipment and design can be used, on June 30, 2008, Hai'an rubber finally produced the first giant engineering tire, that is, the 37.00r57 giant engineering radial tire known as the "first tire in China"

tire production process. Enterprise map

innovation and technological transformation

"frankly, when making the first tire, our technology was not mature, and its service life could only be maintained for more than 10 hours. At that time, the normal service life of tires produced abroad was 4000 hours, and there was still a big gap between us!" Huang Zhenhua told us the truth

"at that time, there was a lot of pressure from the chairman to our entire technical team. The cost of producing a huge tire was hundreds of thousands, and mass production was a loss of hundreds of millions. At that time, the company used the capital chain of repairing and retreading tires to support R & D investment, which was basically in a state of loss." Huang Zhenhua fell into a difficult memory. "We still have to start all over again and meet the difficulties! People engaged in technology must first learn to find and improve problems, so I often encourage our team not to stick to the rules, and at the same time, we should prepare several schemes. No matter how troublesome, we should try them one by one."

to this end, the company's R & D team made a comprehensive improvement on the scheme and cut the first giant engineering tire piece by piece for analysis. "At the critical moment, the whole technical team persisted for four days and two nights. Everyone was under pressure and persevered in implementing the new research plan, which was both nervous and excited." Huang Zhenhua said

it is worth mentioning that after the improved tire is offline, in the absence of relevant testing equipment, it can only be tested in the mine to see how long its service life can be maintained, which increases the time cost. Under various pressures, after overcoming the problems of material transmission, equipment linkage, embryo transmission, formed embryo unloading and so on, after two or three months of tests, the service life of tires produced by Hai'an has reached more than 1000 hours, realizing a qualitative leap. In April 2009, the production technology of Hai'an rubber tire was appraised by national industry ministries and commissions, becoming the only manufacturer in China that passed the standard appraisal

since then, Haian has successively purchased X-ray machine, rotating speed testing machine, heat generation testing machine, cutting resistance testing machine and other advanced testing instruments and test equipment, and continuously extended the service life of products from 1000 hours to more than 4000 hours. At the beginning of 2012, the giant engineering tyres produced by Hai'an began to be mass produced. So far, from repairing and retreading giant tyres to manufacturing giant tyres, Hai'an has overcome many technical difficulties that are difficult for predecessors to overcome. Hai'an has created a new era in the industrialization of China's giant engineering radial tyres. Huang Zhenhua said with a smile: "it can be said that China's mining industry should thank Hai'an."

giant tire forming workshop. After years of hard work, Haian has achieved a number of key technologies in the design of tire structure, rubber formula and process manufacturing, which are applicable to the tensile constant load and ultimate failure experiments of drill pipes, wires and cables, porcelain bottles, double hooks, steel strands, safety belts, power fittings and other products, It has formed a complete set of production technology for 57 "series engineering radial tire products with the largest specification in China, and has successfully developed a full-scale series of giant engineering radial tire products. It has successively obtained 2 national invention patents, 22 utility model patents and 12 appearance design patents, becoming a leading enterprise in the industry

relying on its own strength, Haian has also received the support of governments at all levels, in addition to holding hands with various scientific research institutions on the "618" platform. According to reports, in the early stage of research and development, the company has received the attention of the development and Reform Commission of Putian City and Xianyou County, which is prone to melting cracking and stress concentration. It will recommend talents to Hai'an every year. At the same time, it has also obtained the subsidy funds actively sought by departments at all levels and continuously invested in scientific research and production

nowadays, the technical level of Haian's giant tire production has reached 90% of that of the three international tire giants, but the price is only 70% - 80%. In addition, the company has more than 300 technicians stationed in major mines all year round to provide technical services. The new strategy of "R & D and manufacturing technical services" has enabled it to quickly open up domestic and foreign markets, and has successively carried out "one-stop service of quota contracting of engineering tire consumption cost" with various large mining groups in China, And exported to Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, India, the United States and more than 10 countries

however, no matter how the market changes, chairman Zhu Hui always requires that the company must spend 10% of its output value on R & D and innovation every year to keep up with the demand of international mainstream mines for engineering tires

in this regard, Liao Xinming, executive vice president of Hai'an rubber, said: "although our business is relatively competitive, it has great risks. At present, the development of mining industry is sluggish and not stable enough. The enterprise is facing a complex environment. In any case, our core technology must be excellent and continue to increase research and development."

in Liao Xinming's view, at present, the domestic encouragement of relevant technical research is mostly focused on ships, polymer materials, etc., and there are not many tires. There is no relevant technical support and testing equipment in China, let alone product standards. All this depends on the innovative mind, experience and wisdom of all staff behind Hai'an, and there is still a long way to go in the future. "We hope the country can also see our efforts." Liao Xinming finally said sincerely

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