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With the popularity of mobile Internet, mobile office has become the focus of attention of major small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years. With the rapid maturity of products, more and more enterprises with technical requirements for hook tensile strength testing machine began to move from wait-and-see to actual deployment. Especially since the introduction of the new game enterprise, it has set off a huge wave in the enterprise mobile application market. Speaking of the cloud office service providers that have successfully combined the two functions in the mobile office market, we have to introduce the "three five" interconnection, which is committed to providing the overall solution of mobile cloud office and a series of terminal products. It not only realizes the office mobility in the way of +oa, but also optimizes and improves the core functions. It has launched the mailbox application service integrating the enterprise ID, so as to receive and send mail on the Internet

one click login email messages from user mailboxes are pushed in real time. Leading enterprises have not yet taken shape to send

email, as a basic communication tool for modern enterprise office, is playing an increasingly important role in the era of mobile office. The enterprise account is the natural entrance of the enterprise service platform. Sanwu Internet knows that in the Internet + era, the extension of office scenarios and mobile customized service experience must be the focus of future products. By perfectly integrating the enterprise's core product 35 enterprise mailbox with the enterprise ID, it can provide enterprises with a more efficient mobile office experience

after having 35 enterprise mailboxes, enterprises and organizations no longer need to cultivate employees' habit of using apps and do not need to develop their own apps. At the same time, users will no longer make their office operations more cumbersome because of the existence and use of a large number of apps, and truly provide users with the most needed one-stop solution. In addition, enterprise employees only need to pay attention to the enterprise number directly. After binding their own enterprise mailbox account, they can log in to the mailbox with one click, send, receive and search e-mails on the. When 35 enterprise mailbox users receive e-mails, the enterprise number will notify the users in the form of messages and push message reminders in real time. For users, it can undoubtedly effectively simplify the workflow and improve work efficiency. For enterprises, it can also effectively reduce the development and maintenance costs of mobile office in the publicity of the automotive industry, and business owners can also achieve closer team contact through this form

seamlessly synchronize the internal address book to enable employee communication to achieve 1+1 2

after the enterprise's informatization level is improved, the enterprise's internal e-mail communication is frequent; The company has many employees, so it is difficult to remember or quickly find the email addresses of other employees through general methods. Based on this, the 35 enterprise mailbox links the employee's email account with the address book to realize the function of synchronously querying the internal address book, so as to facilitate contacts between colleagues and share some information. It not only supports multi-level tree structure, and the Department list is clear at a glance, but also does not need to be manually added one by one. You can automatically update the address book by operating the relevant accounts. Bid farewell to cross departmental communication problems, and effectively help users make rational use of fragmented time to control the work process anytime, anywhere

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, huge user resources and convenient and fast operations bring new opportunities for 35 enterprise mailbox mobile office. At the same time, 35 enterprise mailbox will also enrich application scenarios and functions to help enterprises realize basic communication and collaborative management, improve enterprise communication efficiency and reduce enterprise communication costs. At the same time, with the expansion of the influence of the "three five" Internet in the mobile office market, 35 enterprise mailbox will continue to usher in new opportunities for its own transformation

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