How to select wire cutting machine tools

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How to select wire cutting machine tools

there are often people in groups and forums who have a good wire cutting machine. I browsed this article on the Internet and turned it around for your reference. I don't fully agree with some of the views, but you can also refer to it. The fast moving wire cutting machine tool is a kind of finishing equipment. The relevant national departments have formulated a series of technical standards for its production and manufacturing and the quality of finished products. However, due to the large market gap, the phenomenon of increasing output and light quality is emerging one after another. In particular, some private individuals in East China who do not have the conditions for machine tool production are also producing wire cutting machine tools, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the majority of users. If they are careless, The user's own interests can not be guaranteed, especially the private mold manufacturing enterprises emerging after the reform and opening up, the capital is hard won, so how to select the model is more important

at present, WEDM includes fast wire cutting, medium wire cutting, wire cutting with piercing device and C-type medium wire cutting machine tools

it is preferred to determine the functions and specifications of the machine tools (i.e. model selection) according to their own products and production needs, but users tend to ignore the demand for development in model selection, because the machine tools are not consumables. Although the one-time investment is larger, the service life is very long. If you only focus on the present, regardless of the future, In the near future, there will inevitably be repeated investment. We have encountered many users in this situation. Therefore, the model selection should have a sense of advance

after the model is determined, the manufacturer is determined. The focus is on the comparison of quality reputation and product price. In terms of quality reputation, the following aspects are compared:

first, the production scale is too small to form a climate, and it is very easy to be eliminated in the fierce competition

the second is the production form. The quality of each production link of the complete machine manufacturer can be controlled. However, for the combined mode production, the "main machine or system is outsourced", but Russia is still the largest importer of extruders in China, and the internal quality of machine tools cannot be controlled. At present, the developed capitalist countries mostly adopt the combined mode of socialized production for complex products. The premise of this mode of production is a perfect market mechanism and sound commercial laws, which are still to be solved in China, Therefore, remind users to pay enough attention to the production form of the manufacturer

the third is price, which is the most sensitive factor for both users and manufacturers. However, one thing is the same, that is, product performance is the basis of price, and product price is the embodiment of performance and quality, that is, the performance price ratio. Therefore, it is of no positive significance to talk about price without performance. Although users cannot accept high prices, low prices are not a good thing. Because lower prices mean that manufacturers must reduce costs (they can never lose money in doing business), but there is a critical point between quality and cost. Below this point is pure quenched fake products. For example, this is the case with the low-cost wire cutting machine tools in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. At present, the Electric Machining Technology Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery industry of China is conducting a comprehensive investigation. Therefore, users should not forget that the wire cutting machine tools are precision machining equipment used for a long time when considering the price

fourth, hearing is believing, seeing is believing, and you can't "buy a cow across the mountain". Due to the fierce competition in the market, manufacturers inevitably show some words and deeds that deliberately slander each other. Although this mood is understandable, it disturbs the user's selection environment. Therefore, the bad words and deeds of these manufacturers are enough to live up to the user, but as long as the user sees is believing, These interferences can block 99.99% of the light transmission, so the user must look at the real object and the sample when purchasing the wire cutting machine, especially the on-site trial cutting demonstration for high thickness cutting, so that the user can know well

as long as users do the above, I believe they can select a wire cutting machine tool that you are satisfied with

how to check the after-sales service quality of the manufacturer when purchasing wire cutting machine tools

fast moving wire cutting machine tools belong to the category of economic CNC machine tools, and the failure of any mechatronic product is inevitable, so the after-sales service is particularly important. Although all manufacturers have a one-year warranty, it is somewhat unsatisfactory, so users are always worried about the after-sales service when selecting models, which is understandable. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a correct inspection. The methods are:

① first, understand the prerequisites for ensuring maintenance. If you are thousands of miles away from the manufacturer, and there is no warranty or time guarantee, you must choose a manufacturer with branches in the region

② for the investigation of the branch, if the personnel of the branch do not know the technology, especially the management personnel are laymen on the technology, then the maintenance and management of the branch can be imagined. Therefore, the leaders and personnel of the organization must be proficient in technology

③ examination of the structure of the machine tool. If the structure design of the machine tool is unreasonable, it will not only have frequent failures, but also have difficulties in maintenance. Therefore, a good machine tool should not only have a simplified structure, but also adopt the modular design that is currently popular in the world

④ according to the investigation of the production form of the manufacturer, although there are many manufacturers producing line cutting machine tools at present, there are not many professional manufacturers engaged in the manufacture of complete machines (including host machines and systems). Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the development and manufacture of complete machines, so the quality assurance of the whole production is under the supervision of the head office, and this quality assurance can only be achieved by the manufacturer of complete machines, and a full set of accessories can also be provided The after-sales guarantee of vulnerable parts also facilitates the coordination of professional maintenance personnel in terms of after-sales service to ensure timely service

⑤ if the specimen between the two fixtures can maintain the same elongation and assume that it is 500% with the continuous deepening of China's economic system reform, some deep-seated mechanism problems of the original old enterprises gradually appear, which inevitably leads to brain drain and other phenomena that are not conducive to the development of the enterprise. In order to increase publicity, some private enterprises inevitably make some false statements, so users must be pragmatic when choosing manufacturers, That is, considering the strength, we should also examine the mechanism of the enterprise

since the implementation of market economy in China, all kinds of consumer goods have higher and higher requirements for molds. A large number of stamping, die-casting, plastic casting and other molds have emerged, and requirements for thickness and taper have been put forward. Therefore, when users choose wire cutting machine tools, they must have the function of large thickness and large taper to achieve the purpose of replacement

should the fast wire cutting machine be developed in the direction of full function and moderate price

recently, a senior electrical machining expert in China pointed out that in the future, China's fast-moving wire cutting machine tools should develop in the direction of practicality, simplification, reliability and moderate price. This is because, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the introduction of competition mechanism, all kinds of consumer goods are being updated, replaced and transformed faster and faster. Therefore, the requirements for moulds are becoming higher and higher. Moulds with large thickness, large specification and taper have been widely used. In order to adapt to this situation, wire cutting machine tools must also develop towards high thickness, large specification and multi-function in order to meet the needs of mould manufacturing. Therefore, choosing machine tools with large thickness and large specification is a farsighted operator. However, China must be a developing country, and the mold industry is still relatively backward with limited economic strength. Most mold enterprises have limited funds. No matter what the function of wire cutting machine tools is, if the price is too high, it will restrict the development of the mold industry and bring a burden to enterprises

therefore, wire cutting machine tools with full functions, large thickness and low price will be more and more favored by people of insight in the mold industry. (end)

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