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Muster Guangdong Foshan poly Zhonghui garden large unit decoration case takes "flowers" as the theme, which makes the overall space reflect a romantic and warm temperament in a harmonious tone

the case of the large house decoration of the poly Zhonghui garden in Foshan, Guangdong Province, is titled "flowers", which makes the overall space reflect a romantic and warm temperament in a harmonious tone. The integration and application of the "flowers" element on the soft and hard decoration has achieved the essence and soul of the mixed style of China and the west of muster

muster designers do not stick to a single design style, strive to show both modern and classical temperament in luxury and elegance, pursue dignity in depth, and immerse luxury design performance in elegance

being in such an elegant, noble, romantic and comfortable mansion space can fully reflect the noble owners' pursuit of quality and elegant life, as well as their yearning for the life realm of "a dust-free heart, a flower and a world"

in this case of three bedrooms and one living room (more than 180 square meters), in order to fully improve the functionality of the space and change the trivial problems in the original pattern, muster designer made a series of adjustments in the original pattern: in order to increase the flexibility of the space, the entrance porch was adjusted from the original square space to arc space. The cloakroom arranged in the dining room was opened to maintain the integrity and continuity of the living room and the dining room. Under the ingenious arrangement of the designer, the simple and elegant elements of Chinese style are harmoniously integrated with the luxurious and elegant temperament of western style, showing the characteristics of the mixing of eastern and Western elements as well as modern and classical elements. Although everything is done by people, it connects so naturally that the practicality of home life and the pursuit of Chinese and Western culture have been fully satisfied; At the same time, the proper use of "flowers" in the space gives the space a romantic and charming flavor of modern life without losing the essential characteristics of dignity and elegance

in addition, while the connotation of Chinese style is perfectly combined with the temperament of European style, muster designers do not forget to use "flowers" everywhere to decorate, while echoing the theme, let the space rise to another unique level. The curved porch enhances the flexibility of this space; The atmospheric decoration style fully reflects the "face" of the host's cultural temperament; The rising background wall design, decorative wall decoration and furniture with Chinese charm make the whole bedroom space have a unique Oriental humanistic atmosphere; The flower shaped ceiling in the living room and dining room, coupled with large crystal lights, set off the whole space in a noble and elegant atmosphere; The living room is a collision between Chinese and Western styles. With modern decorative techniques, muster designers skillfully combine eastern and Western decorative elements, and use marble, rose gold stainless steel, gold lace wood veneer, solid wood wallboard, etc. as materials to play with the mixture of Chinese and Western styles, showing the unique charm and beauty of the integration of Chinese and Western styles

as a tailor-made expert in high-grade and personalized home furnishings for villas, luxury houses, high-end Western-style houses, private clubs, star hotels, real estate sample rooms, "most Mustard" was ranked first in the "2015 top ten demonstration brands of" innovation and responsibility "in China's customized home furnishing industry" in May 2015; In December 2015, it won three awards in China's customized home furnishing industry, including "top ten solid wood whole house customized brands", "Gold Award for original design" and "preferred brand of Chinese villas and luxury houses". At present, most mustard has established more than 40 large-scale brand flagship stores in large and medium-sized cities such as Nanjing, Changsha, Xi'an, Kunming, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Suzhou, Zunyi, etc. in China to serve the majority of domestic customers wholeheartedly





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