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Good design 1. The selected designer can control the budget, which is one of the keys to achieve economic decoration

wood tile floor is essentially a wood floor, which has both the function and decorative effect of tiles. It can be completely applied to kitchen, dining room, living room, balcony and other household functional areas. In terms of decorative effect, wooden tile floor can be applied to any indoor decoration area with small area of falling water. However, for the area where ceramic tile decorative materials are currently applied in Chinese home decoration, experts suggest that Chinese consumers use them in living rooms, restaurants, balconies and kitchen floors with small area of falling water

lime ceramics and Roman ceramics

although one black and one white, they are different in style. Large and neat tiles show an extraordinary bearing of simplicity and atmosphere. In terms of furniture matching, it is recommended that black wood tile flooring (lime ceramics) be equipped with light or white furniture, and white wood tile flooring (Roman ceramics) be equipped with dark or black furniture. The strong visual impact is absolutely different

Auburn ceramics and light colored ceramics

both belong to the ceramic tile effect of retro style. The exquisite rectangular arrangement and combination and deep colors reveal the noble retro complex of the owner. It is also recommended that these two types of brown and gray white wood tile floors be matched with light colored furniture or dark furniture. The conservative choice of the public will not highlight the internal charm of these two types of wood tile floors

emerging wood flooring features

1 There is no need to pave the wooden tile floor with cement mortar, just level it according to the ground flatness requirements of the wooden floor

2. It has realistic tile joints and metal visual effects, but there is no complex construction of pointing

3. The impact resistance of the surface meets the European standards EN13329 and Ac4 commercial standards, which are wear-resistant and easy to maintain and clean

4. The wooden surface is mild, which improves the cool characteristics of traditional tiles. Walking barefoot on it is also a warm feeling

5. There is no gap with the wooden floor structure of the bedroom, and the smooth transition processing makes the visual and use effects perfectly solved





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