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As one of the second tier cities, Wuhan has an astonishing rapid economic development, so buying a house in such a city is naturally what many people want. However, in the face of the rapid rise in house prices, some owners said that they can only look at the house and sigh, and often at this time, second-hand houses have become one of the best choices for everyone. Someone asked, how much is the decoration price of second-hand houses in Wuhan? Wuhan Decoration network Xiaobian wants to say, first of all, the preliminary plan is very important, and it is necessary to understand the quotation. Next, let's go and have a look with Xiaobian

[quotation for decoration of 60 ㎡ second-hand houses in Wuhan]

the specific analysis of the quotation project is as follows:

project I: basic engineering

shoveling the wall (gypsum ash) 780 yuan

removing the wall and floor tiles 1875 yuan

leveling the wall/floor with cement mortar 2300 yuan

sealing the door 360 yuan

removing the brick wall (240 ㎜) 300 yuan

removing the original doors and windows and sets 440 yuan

light brick masonry wall.(240mm double-sided plastering) 320 yuan

after removing the wall, the opening Painting of beam bottom and other parts 690 yuan

removal of composite floor 738 yuan

removal of old furniture 300 yuan

excavation of old house bathroom 300 yuan

removal of kitchen cabinet 400 yuan

Project II: Waterway and circuit engineering

strong and weak current (old house reconstruction) 5800 yuan

strong Installation of weak current box 100 yuan

waterway construction (old house reconstruction) 1700 yuan

Project III: guest restaurant and aisle

latex paint base treatment (putty) 1630 yuan

latex paint 652 yuan

Project IV: master bedroom

latex paint base treatment (putty) 1228 yuan

latex paint 492 yuan

Project V: secondary bedroom

latex paint base treatment (putty)puttying) 1080 yuan

emulsion paint 432 yuan

item 6: kitchen

tiling vitrified brick general specification (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 1375 yuan

General specification of vitrified brick (200 × 200< Size ≤ 800 × 800) 324.8 yuan

kitchen waterproof treatment 252 yuan

kitchen and bathroom package pipes 162.5 yuan

doorway stone paving 25 yuan

item 7: bathroom

tiling vitrified brick general specification (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 990 yuan

laying vitrified brick general specification (200 × 200< Size ≤ 800 × 800) 174 yuan

toilet backfilling and surface leveling 210 yuan

toilet waterproof treatment 315 yuan

kitchen and bathroom package pipes 162.5 yuan

doorway stone paving 25 yuan

toilet secondary waterproof 420 yuan

toilet sewer Protection Engineering 200 yuan

item 8: balcony

wall tile general specification (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 150 yuan

the decoration budget is definitely the part we need to know well before decoration. The decoration quotation information compiled above is expected to help you prepare for home decoration. If you are preparing for home decoration and haven't found a suitable Wuhan decoration company, you might as well pay attention to the Wuhan Decoration bidding together with the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network now. More than 60 Wuhan decoration companies provide you with professional home decoration services for free, and there are more professional home decoration knowledge and more authoritative ranking information of Wuhan decoration companies to share with you. Decoration bidding free application entrance: http://www.whjzw.net/zb/




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