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Warm after the wind, cold after the snow. The recent strong cold air is going south, and the small circle of friends has been snowing. The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a cold wave blue warning on the 7th. It is expected that this week, the Huang Huai River and most areas south of it will fall into the coldest period since this winter. The cold wave hit, and the local temperature in the central and eastern part fell by more than 10 ℃

on such a cold day, no one lives in the newly installed house. What if the floor heating and wall mounted stove are frozen? How to freeze the wall mounted stove that provides heating and domestic hot water at home every day

I. boiler antifreeze

keep the boiler water, electricity and ventilation! Please do not turn on the anti freezing function of the floor heating boiler Customers who do not turn on the floor heating boiler as soon as possible. If they do not turn on, they may freeze the boiler, especially those who live in the suburbs in the unsealed beiyangtai, outdoor and equipment room! Whether you check in or not, please turn on the power socket of your boiler, turn on the button, and let it run at a constant temperature, so that the accessories in the boiler will not crack, and the water pipes will not crack.? Avoid unnecessary trouble and loss! (equipment frozen due to weather reasons is not within the scope of warranty)

II. Anti freezing of floor heating pipes

if the temperature is below minus 1-2 degrees Celsius, do not turn off all faucets of domestic hot water at night, and turn on a small amount of water until dawn, so that the pipes will not freeze. If the circulating pump equipment is installed in the outdoor equipment room, it is also necessary to plug in the power supply and start the work to avoid frost cracking

III. antifreeze of other equipment

water treatment - prefilter, it is easy to cause the glass of this equipment shell to crack when the weather is cold and below zero. You can prepare your own thermal insulation materials for antifreeze, especially those installed in outdoor equipment rooms. (if you travel or don't open it, please open it as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary losses)





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