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Decoration is a major event for every family. How can owners guard against being cheated by bad companies in decoration? First of all, we should pay attention to the decoration contract, which is also the most powerful evidence for disputes and self-protection in the future. So how to sign a decoration contract without being cheated? We need to grasp the following points

I. pay attention to the legality and standardization of the company

when choosing a decoration company, you must confirm whether it has an industrial and commercial business license, the first, second and third level decoration construction qualification certificate issued by the national construction department, or the residential decoration qualification certificate issued by the architectural decoration Association; Choose a decoration company with legal procedures to complain to the relevant law enforcement departments in case of decoration disputes, and you can also find its person in charge or company to facilitate the owners to safeguard their rights

II. Detailed contract content

communicate with the decoration company in the early stage, and carefully review the design drawings and decoration budget cost table. See if the design satisfies you (do not damage the structure of the house). Whether there are omissions in the quotation, and whether the material specifications and various quotations are clear and reasonable; In this way, you are also very clear about the quality of the materials used in your home. If you are not satisfied, you can change them. At the same time, you will not overspend your decoration budget. Of course, if you need to increase or decrease projects during the construction process, you need to inform the owner in advance, issue relevant procedures, and pay relevant fees according to the contract

III. clarify the responsibilities and compensation for breach of contract

when signing the construction contract for family room decoration project formulated by the State Administration for Industry and commerce with the enterprise, we must clarify the responsibilities of both parties, construction period, etc., and otherwise agree if there are special requirements; The party causing the delay shall be liable for compensation to the other party

IV. acceptance process

provide materials required for decoration at the time agreed in the contract. The quantity, quality and specification of materials should meet the design requirements, and there should be the quality inspection report of the merchant. When the materials are handed over, both the owner and the decoration company should sign for approval, so that the owner will not find the problem of stealing beams and changing columns later

v. issue formal invoices

the owner pays the decoration expenses in installments on time according to the time agreed in the contract. How can decoration save money? On, free design budget quotation. The expenses must be handed over to the financial department of the decoration enterprise and a receipt must be issued; Avoid economic disputes

VI. concealed works shall be strictly checked

concealed works (reconstruction of water and electricity lines and completion of woodwork and ceiling base) shall be carefully accepted. If quality problems are found, the construction party shall be required to rectify and sign after being approved by the owner before entering the next process




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