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On July 8, 2016, the 18th China Building Materials Decoration Expo was held in a prosperous era. The China Construction Expo, known as "the first building materials exhibition in Asia", reached 250000 people on its first day

on July 8, 2016, the 18th China Building Materials Decoration Expo was held. The China Construction Expo, known as "the first building materials exhibition in Asia", reached 250000 people on its first day. Among many building materials industries, this year's door and window industry is particularly prominent. In order to better understand the development of door and window industry brands, dozens of media, such as sina.com, Tencent home, Zhonghua door and window network, Sohu Home, soufun.com, Shenzhen soufun.com fangtianxia, Huiya media, Tencent Asia Pacific home, Meijia Meihu, mendao.com, South China home network, and so on, conducted joint interviews on the top ten brands of zunshang doors and windows in the door and window industry, This interview is with Mr. Yin Jianye, marketing director of zunshang doors and windows, a brand of Guangdong Shidai Huiye household products Co., Ltd

Mr. Yin Jianye, marketing director of zunshang doors and windows, took a group photo with the media

[media reporter] Hello! President Yin, can you introduce the development history of zunshang doors and windows to our media

[President zunshang Yin] well, zunshang doors and windows was founded in 2004, and has specialized in the production and R & D of aluminum alloy doors and windows and sunshine houses for 12 years. In 2008, zunshang doors and windows established a standardized dust-free factory in Shishan, Foshan; In 2015, zunshang doors and windows made the service commitment of "eight day delivery" for the first time, becoming the "delivery leader" in the industry at one stroke; 2016 is the year of the rapid development of zunshang doors and windows. At the beginning of the year, we invited Miss Ma Yili, a Chinese first-line star who won the "Huading Award" twice, as the brand spokesperson. At present, zunshang doors and windows has 800 distribution stores across the country. In the future, the brand strength, products, team building and customer service will be comprehensively upgraded, and the development prospect of zunshang doors and windows brand is unlimited

standardized dust-free workshop

[media reporter] Mr. Yin, can you tell us how zunshang doors and windows can take the lead in the promising Pan home building materials market

[honoring president Yin] in fact, the market is always open and beautiful, and the severity depends on the development path of the brand. After years of development, zunshang doors and windows have laid a solid foundation. Although the real estate market has not been optimistic in the past two to three years, zunshang door and window brand has shown a rapid upward trend in terms of product quality, investment attraction and performance growth. Zunshang doors and windows will continue to realize the service commitment of "eight day delivery", constantly launch new products and update investment promotion policies, and will carry out more national promotional activities in the future, and will increase investment in advertising, so that zunshang doors and windows will become one of the household brands

airport and high-speed railway advertisements

outdoor advertisements in exhibition areas

[media group] your company is holding hands with Miss Ma Yili and acting as the brand spokesperson at the beginning of this year. President Yin, can you share with our media why you chose Ma Yili as the brand spokesperson

[President zunshang Yin] I am very happy to share with the media group about the choice of the spokesperson for zunshang doors and windows. Zunshang doors and windows has been looking for a spokesperson since 2015. Among countless domestic and foreign stars, she finally chose to hand in hand with Miss Ma Yili, who won the Hua Ding award twice. After careful consideration, we still think that the image of Ma Yili is similar to the cultural concept of zunshang door and window brand. The images of Miss Ma Yili and zunshang are very positive and sunny, and Miss Ma Yili is very loyal to her family and career. As Miss Ma Yili, she is very well-known and powerful at home and abroad. After holding hands with Ma Yili, zunshang doors and windows not only increased its popularity inside and outside the industry, but also received unanimous praise from dealers and consumers

[media group] Mr. Yin, taking the opportunity of the Construction Expo, would you like to share with you the current situation and prospects of zunshang doors and windows

[honoring president Yin] OK, I'm extremely honored. Zunshang doors and windows is very professional, focusing on the research and development and production of products, and improving the overall comprehensive strength from the details, workmanship, delivery time, service, cost performance, brand and other meticulous places. The new product "dream series" exhibited in this exhibition, shishangping sliding doors, is the embodiment of the strong strength of zunshang doors and windows. Zunshang doors and windows has gradually developed in recent years, and its production capacity has increased by 2-3 times. Zunshang doors and windows stores have been distributed in all outlets across the country, and the "worry free" business support policy of zunshang doors and windows has been trusted and supported by dealers across the country. With high-quality brand reputation and the most affordable cost performance, zunshang doors and windows, which continuously improves its comprehensive strength, is confident that it will become a first-class brand in China's door and window industry

[media group] the door and window industry has launched a new "healthy sunshine room", which is said to reduce PM2.5. Do you think it is possible? Will zunshang doors and windows launch similar products

[respect president Yin] I think everything is possible, and this possibility comes from the rapid development of the industry. In recent years, the door and window industry has been developing continuously, from plastic steel doors to steel glass doors to hollow swing doors, sliding doors to windows and sunshine rooms, and finally to the product intelligence of doors and windows and sunshine rooms. I believe that "healthy sunshine room" is possible for the unfavorable natural environment in China and even the world. Although the air quality will be improved after improvement, consumers' pursuit of air and environment is also getting higher and higher. As a household R & D manufacturer, we have been committed to R & D and production of green, environmental friendly and healthy products, and we will spare no effort in this direction. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the research and development direction of low-carbon, green and environmental protection products

[media group] Thank you for the interview with President Yin. Finally, our media wish zunshang doors and windows a better and better brand development

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