Is the decoration loan really reliable

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For customers who buy a house with a loan, decoration is also a headache, because it costs more than half of their savings to buy a house with a loan, so they are stretched out when decorating. Because of the market demand, many banks and loan companies have launched the decoration loan business. Is the decoration loan really reliable

at present, most domestic banks have decoration loan services, but their stipulated conditions, procedures, amounts and periods are different. Taking China Construction Bank as an example, in addition to requiring the borrower to issue ID card, household register, house property certificate and income certificate when applying for decoration loan, the borrower can only make loans after a series of procedures such as on-site evaluation of the house by the evaluation department. The loan amount shall be determined according to the borrower's credit status and the guarantee provided, but the loan term shall not exceed 5 years

many small loan companies also cooperate with home decoration companies to launch loan business. Generally, they provide short-term loans. Of course, in recent years, the credit card installment business launched by banks can also support decoration loans. Generally, the decoration project is divided into several phases for friends in need to choose, and there is no interest, only a handling fee

it can be seen from the above that in life, the decoration loan business really exists in major banks and loan companies. However, the reliability of the decoration loan depends on the loan institution chosen by the borrower. If you go to a regular loan institution to apply for decoration loans, it must be reliable. If not, the consequence is, of course, being cheated. Therefore, when handling decoration loans, borrowers should pay attention to selecting the right lending institutions. Xiaobian suggested that it is better to apply for a decoration loan from the bank. Although the loan takes a long time and requires a lot, it has low interest and security. If we really need a loan for decoration, we can also make preparations in advance, which can also save a certain amount of time




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