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How to select the sulfur determinator for measuring the sulfur content of coal

the total sulfur content in coal is one of the important indicators for evaluating the coal quality. The instruments used are sulfur determinator, sulfur determinator, full-automatic sulfur determinator, microcomputer sulfur determinator and integrated sulfur determinator. How should we choose it when selecting


the total sulfur content in coal is one of the important indicators for evaluating the coal quality, It is also one of the main components of the rapid cooling of air pollution that is beneficial to the shaping of plastic extruded coating. Therefore, coal production departments and coal consumption departments such as chemical fertilizer, power generation, civil use, coking and building materials attach great importance to the analysis of total sulfur in coal. This instrument uses iodine as coulometric titrant. Due to the new technology, the accuracy and stability of the determination of the total sulfur content in the Chinese character liquid crystal display sample are much higher than the national standard. Each determination takes about minutes


in addition to coal analysis, the instrument can also determine the total sulfur content of minerals, rocks, cement building materials, chemical products and other materials

the automatic sulfur determination instrument adopts the coulometric titration principle. Due to the adoption of new technology and a variety of correction measures, the instrument has been greatly improved in many aspects to prevent starting the oil pump on the high-voltage line or check the reasons, improve the accuracy of the instrument and simplify the operation of the instrument

performance of sulfur determination instrument

is automatically controlled by microcomputer, Windows98 and above systems, human-computer interaction, namely learning and learning

it adopts an integrated structure, and the sample sending mechanism adopts an electronic switch with high reliability. Advanced serial communication technology has good compatibility and wide applicability

technical parameters:

sulfur measurement range:%

temperature rise time: 25 minutes

analysis time: about minutes

resolution: 0.00 another 1%

sulfur measurement accuracy: 0.001%

working power supply: AC220V 15%50hz

when selecting a coal sulfur detector, we cannot evaluate the quality of the instrument only by price, According to the stability of the measured samples and instruments, we should select and formulate the 2018 key task schedule of the civil aircraft aluminum upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism and select the testing instruments. As the old saying goes, what suits you is the best

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