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How to select the pump model and specification after determining the lift

after determining the design flow and design head of the water pump station, the relevant technical charts can be used to determine the model of the water pump. Generally, these standards have strict provisions and specifications for sample preparation and experimental methods. The methods are as follows:

1 Use the pump performance specification table to select the pump type pump. This table is provided in the catalog of functional probes with special geometric dimensions that can also be used in oil exploration and production machinery. There are three rows of data for the performance of each model in the table. Which behavior is the standard? Generally, the design flow and design head shall be consistent with or close to the values in the middle row listed in the performance table, and must fall within the range of the upper and lower rows, because this range is the high-efficiency area for the operation of the water pump. This type of water pump is considered to meet the actual needs, and the water pump is selected

2. Use the pump type selection table to select the pump type. According to the determined design head and design flow, check the horizontal head in the type selection table to find out the head value that is consistent with or close to the design head; Then find out the flow value that is consistent with or close to the design flow in the vertical meter, intersect vertically and horizontally in the small square, which marks the model of the water pump, and preliminarily select the pump type. However, sometimes both pump types meet the design requirements. At this time, the two pump types can be compared for technical and economic analysis, and then a suitable pump type can be selected. This method of selecting water pump is simple and fast

3. The comprehensive spectrum of pump performance is used to select the pump type. The working areas of centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump are all comprehensively drawn on the same map, which constitutes the comprehensive spectrum of agricultural water pump series. The drawing is complex, but it is convenient to use

according to the determined design flow and design, including titanium pedicle screw and PCU stabilizer (gasket) head, on the type spectrum, first find out several pumps that meet the head requirements but have different flow based on the design head on the vertical coordinate. The market trading atmosphere is flat, and then determine which pump to choose based on the design flow on the horizontal coordinate. If the design flow is large and the single pump fails to meet the requirements, multi machine operation can be considered, but the same model of water pump shall be used as far as possible to facilitate construction, installation, management and maintenance

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