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How about the bombardier projector M5? Share and start with the experience evaluation of this projector

the use of deicing salt in these places will lead to premature aging of the bridge. 8 hot selling new recommendations: the new M5 projector of the bombardier 2018, let's take a look at the features, appearance, price and user evaluation of the M5 projector. I hope it can help you choose 6 Press the "start" button to refer to the M5 projector of this Bombardier

Bombardier projector m5

I. Bombardier projector M5 functional features and appearance price:

functional features: this model can be controlled by intelligent voice, the picture moves with the sound, 500+ TV channels, 50000+ program video sources; Genuine Android system, supported on WiFi, can be played wirelessly on the same screen on the tablet computer, and a few inches of small screen seconds become a hundred inches of large screen; Visual experience is more enjoyable

appearance price: this projector has two colors: black and white. At present, the promotion price of e-commerce is about 1299. Check tmall's latest quotation comments

Bombardier projector m5

II. Bombardier projector M5 user comments on advantages and disadvantages:

1. Received it for a week, I was busy and didn't have time to use it. I didn't know how the effect was. I went back early last night and opened it to watch a video. The effect was good. It was directly put on the white wall. The definition replaceable material will be used to heat inkjet to allow normal droplet creation, There was a rush to the big theater. My son and I rushed to watch it. We had to watch cartoons. I didn't finish it. There was no noise. Check out more comments from friends.

the sky cannon projector m5

2. Baby will try it out immediately after he comes back. It is simple and easy to operate. It is the first research base for physical property testing technology of functional thin film materials in China. The customer service of the store is also super nice. He is very patient to teach you how to operate. The lens can be adjusted, the definition of distance and distance, and he can enjoy the effect of the cinema at home. He likes the three-dimensional surround sound, You can also connect to your own stereo. The curtain can be pulled up better. It is cost-effective and inexpensive

the M5 projection effect of the bombardier projector

3. The projector is very good. The image is clear. It has the effect of a cinema. I feel very good. After connecting to WiFi, I can watch a lot of film and television programs. It is very enjoyable. It is much better than TV. I am very satisfied

Bombardier projector m5

III. detailed configuration parameters of Bombardier projector M5:

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