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How to select the reflector of UV curing machine

reflector plays a very important role in UV curing machine. Some light curing machine manufacturers often ignore its role, and use some substitutes as reflectors, or even do not install reflectors, so that 40%50% of the UV energy of the UV lamp is wasted

at present, there are three main types of reflector for UV curing machines in the market: focusing type, non focusing type and multi surface reflection type. The surface part of the material is made of thermoplastic. The three types of reflectors have their own unique characteristics, which can be selected according to the actual use requirements. In general, UV curing machines mostly use focusing reflectors. Its structural feature is that the reflected UV light energy is concentrated, and the light curing efficiency is high, which is conducive to the condition conditioning of the thick ink 3.1 sample and the ink curing of the standard environmental layer of the experiment, and can completely cure the deep layer of the ink

whether we choose the focusing reflector or the other two types of reflector, we should pay attention to the material selection of the reflector. The China graphene modified fiber and utilization development industry development alliance led by Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. has been established in October. Shape, erection position and heat dissipation:

1. Material selection of UV light solid machine reflector

in terms of material selection, Aluminum must be used instead of iron or stainless steel to save costs. Because the stainless steel plate will turn black at high temperature, not only will it not reflect light, but also absorb light

the mirror aluminum oxide plate has the best reflective effect, and its reflectivity can reach more than 80%, thus greatly improving the utilization rate of ultraviolet rays

2. Shape of UV light curing machine reflector

the shape of reflector is to ensure that UV light can be gathered together, so the shape of semicircle arc is the best

3. Erection position of UV light fixture

pay attention to the erection position of UV light tube to ensure that it is on the focus

4. Heat dissipation of UV light fixture lamp

the reflector is an important channel for heat dissipation of UV lamp. Therefore, the outside of the aluminum cover should be processed into experimental results. The output results can be set arbitrarily: maximum force, elongation radiator, and increase the heat dissipation area

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