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How to choose the quality inverter of the accountability power station

in recent years, with the increasing forms of photovoltaic power stations, the types of photovoltaic inverters have shown a trend of diversification. This is because for photovoltaic power stations in different scenarios, only the reasonable selection of inverter can improve the power generation, realize the best solar energy conversion and reduce the loss

in addition, with the increase of the service life of the photovoltaic power station, the electronic components in the inverter will have problems such as aging, cable cracking, loose contacts, etc., which will lead to power station fire and other accidents. According to the reports issued by industry research institutions such as Jianheng and TUV Rhine after the accident, it is not difficult to find that the inverter is indeed one of the culprits that frequently cause power station accidents. So, how to build inverter to improve the safety of power generation system and prolong the service life of power station has become an urgent problem to be solved

on October 26, 2017, Xuqiang, director of Shandong Aotai Electric Co., Ltd. in North China, gave a keynote speech on "inverter selection scheme for Aotai PV power station" at the "2017 third power station quality Summit Forum" hosted by Polaris solar PV, which answered these questions from the perspective of owners and manufacturers and from the pre-sales and after-sales links

quality is the cornerstone of products

the inverter industry has always been very competitive. In order to occupy the market share, some manufacturers even lower the product production standards, resulting in potential quality problems of some parts. This may not affect the power generation efficiency of the power generation system in the short term, but low-cost devices will inevitably cause hidden dangers in the later power generation process of the power station

therefore, quality is the key among the keys to ensure the 25 year income of customers

as far as the owner is concerned, in order to ensure the quality and efficient operation of the power station, first of all, it is necessary to focus on the quality of photovoltaic equipment and select photovoltaic inverter brands with high reliability and good reputation

as an inverter manufacturer, to ensure product quality, we need to start from three aspects: R & D capacity, procurement channels and production links. Having an excellent R & D team is the core strength for the enterprise to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase; Strictly controlling the supply of materials is an important basis for enterprises to ensure product quality; Standardizing the production process of the whole product is the fundamental way for enterprises to improve product quality. The three aspects are closely linked and indispensable

Xu Qiang also added in his speech that a high-quality product should pass the relevant certifications at home and abroad, including CE, TUV, SAA, CQC, etc; Before leaving the factory, perfect product testing equipment and testing process shall also be used to strictly control the quality, such as corresponding efficiency curve test, filter test, Island test, water spray, dust prevention, drop, vibration and other tests to test the environmental adaptability of the inverter, as well as the zero voltage ride through test of the parallel inverter

adaptation is the bottom line of the power station

at present, the common PV inverters mainly include: centralized inverter, distributed inverter, series inverter and micro inverter. Different inverters have their own advantages. In the process of building photovoltaic power stations, they are mainly selected according to power

in addition, the selection of inverter with high adaptability for photovoltaic power station usually needs to consider the whole system scheme. For example, the selection of corresponding inverter is based on the type of power station module, that is, according to whether the power station uses single crystal module, polycrystalline module or thin professional production and supply of various laboratory machine jaw membrane components. According to the application in parallel system or separate system, consider whether to adopt parallel or separate inverter. Different types of inverters are selected according to the applicable occasions of the inverter, such as large-scale ground power station, small-scale industrial and commercial power station or household photovoltaic power station. Among them, large-scale ground power stations also need to select composite laminates according to the construction environment. There are optional video optical extensometers with high resolution, high accuracy and fast image acquisition speed, which can greatly facilitate and improve the work efficiency Selection of fixture: a successful clamping solution requires that the sample will not slide and will not cause fracture of the clamp. Series inverters are often used in large-scale ground power stations in mountainous areas, while centralized inverters are more used in large-scale ground power stations in flat areas

inverter selection cases of different types of power stations

it is worth mentioning that the leader project is slightly different from other power stations in inverter selection due to its part of research significance

during the operation of photovoltaic power stations, especially household photovoltaic power stations, they are often on the roof where residents live. In addition to considering investment income and service risks, it is more important to ensure personal safety. Therefore, the owner must consider the over allocation of inverter when selecting inverter. According to the current technical level and industry experience, the reasonable over allocation value of a power station is within 10% of the power of the power station; When this reasonable value is exceeded, this part of power generated by multiple generators may affect the safety of the inverter and the overall system

operation and maintenance is the improvement of the system

to improve the security of the power generation system. In addition to the design and type selection before the completion of the photovoltaic power station, there is actually another link that can not be ignored, that is, the maintenance after the completion of the photovoltaic power station. Therefore, the maintainability of photovoltaic inverter is not high, which is also one of the important issues that need to consider the application capital of waste foam granulator for inverter selection

the maintainability of inverter mainly depends on its communication mode. Only when the communication mode is convenient enough can problems be found and maintained in time. At present, the inverter on the market, which converts these signals into numerical values and transmits them to computing machines, basically covers various communication modes such as GPS and WiFi. In some rural areas without WiFi, the GPS of inverter equipment will be particularly important

in addition, one of the most common problems encountered in the industry is the overheating of the inverter. Especially in hot summer, the exposure of the inverter to the sun is likely to become an inducement for sudden accidents. Therefore, when installing the inverter, the owner shall try to choose indoor installation. If there is no condition, the owner shall properly cover the inverter in summer to prevent exposure to the sun

from the perspective of enterprises, providing perfect after-sales operation and maintenance services for products may be more of an enterprise's. In the aspect of inverter after-sales operation and maintenance, there have been some problems in the market. For example, the owner has purchased foreign products, or the inverter manufacturer has withdrawn from the market, resulting in problems that cannot be solved

in this regard, Xu Qiang mentioned in his speech that Altai hopes to provide better support in this regard. Aotai has set up a sales network and an after-sales service system throughout the country, and promises 24-hour feedback and 48-hour presence. For inverters of different brands, an integrated solution will be provided after field consideration and professional analysis

in short, the photovoltaic inverter needs to be selected according to the actual situation and the overall system scheme. We must not only pursue costs and benefits, but ignore potential safety hazards, resulting in unnecessary losses

Company Profile: Shandong Aotai Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the largest inverter equipment manufacturing enterprises in China and a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan. Relying on the technical advantages of Shandong University, the core technology used by its inverter welding power supply equipment and photovoltaic inverter products has won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award twice

as one of the company's main businesses, PV parallel inverters cover series and power station parallel inverters of various power levels, and are widely used in large power stations, building energy conservation projects, poverty alleviation projects, home (roof) projects and other fields

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