Features of the hottest CNC technology

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Features of numerical control technology

the abbreviation of numerical control technology encourages more businesses to join the "green action plan" to numerical control (numerical contro aluminum foil surface petroleum asphalt waterproof coiled material jc/t504 ⑵ 007). With the continuous development of science and technology and computer technology, the current numerical control technology is also called computerized numerical control technology (CNC for short). The control technology mentioned above is a technology that uses computer technology to program and realize digital program control. This technology uses the computer to perform the control function of the equipment according to the pre stored control program. Using computer technology to replace the traditional numerical control device composed of hardware logic circuit, various control functions such as input data storage, processing, operation, logic judgment can be completed through computer software. Numerical control technology is a high-tech modern manufacturing technology combining computer technology, mechanical manufacturing technology, photoelectric technology, communication technology and sensor detection technology. It can realize automation, flexibility and integration, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and multi-function. Therefore, numerical control technology plays an important role in machine manufacturing and is an important part of machine manufacturing informatization

the main characteristics of NC machining technology are:

(1) it can process complex parts that are difficult to be processed by general machine tools and some parts with curved surface shape

(2) it can easily set or change the processing parameters such as cutting amount and feed rate, so it can be used for the research and development of new products and batch change processing

(3) one clamping can be realized to complete the processing of multiple processes, and the processed parts can be guaranteed to have good quality and high precision. Source: Chinese paper saves people and time at the same time

(4) the use of modular standard tools in NC machining technology can not only reduce the time of changing clamping, but also improve the standardization and management of tools underwater, and can also realize computer-aided system

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