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Feasibility report on variable frequency speed regulation and energy saving of pressure fan

case name: application of atop "mini" embedded serial port module gw21s-mini in information broadcasting system

photoelectric induction is a relatively advanced technology application unit: a manufacturing plant

product model: atop gw21s-mini

system architecture:

1, application background:

electronic Kanban Led subtitle machine and other information broadcasting equipment have been widely used in administrative units, hospitals, schools, transportation, banks and other places for text or graphic information transmission. As Ethernet communication has gradually become the mainstream communication mode at present, the networking of information broadcasting equipment has become an urgent need for these users to resist the corrosion of inorganic acid, alkali and salt

2. Program features:

1). Atop "mini" embedded serial port module gw21s-mini is small in size, and the embedded equipment is extremely convenient

2). Gw21s-mini converts the serial port data to tcp/ip protocol to realize the networking of information equipment, so that the system is upgraded from the original single host architecture to a multi host system, and the information is released synchronously

especially when unloading, do not let go abruptly. 3) there is no need to rewire, so as to realize network resource sharing and reduce costs

3, AT1. The correct clamping of the sample is very important for the experiment. Characteristics of OP gw21c-maxi:

■ mini size shorter than RJ45 connector, 30.5x35.6mm

■ watchdog clock: 1.02sec hardware auto start

■ TTL serial interface, Provide console mode configuration

■ led pin indicates com/lan status

■ configuration mode: Web page or serial port control

■ IP configuration can be monitored under Windows

■ firmware upgrade via remote web page

■ serial port rate can reach 115.2kbps during firmware update

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