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The industrialization project of super Imitation cotton synthetic fiber products passed the feasibility demonstration

recently, the Department of high tech development and industrialization of the Ministry of science and technology organized and held a feasibility demonstration meeting in Beijing for the "12th Five Year Plan" National Science and technology support plan priority project in the field of materials to solve the above problems - "the industrialization technology development of appearance and feel cotton synthetic fiber and its textiles required for super imitation formation"

The demonstration expert committee is composed of Ji Guobiao, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, sun Jinliang, and 15 senior technical and financial experts from China Textile Industry Association, domestic colleges and universities and textile enterprises

the expert group carefully listened to and reviewed the feasibility study report and project budget proposal of the project team, and believed that the project closely focused on the "outline of the national medium and long-term scientific and technological development plan (2006-2020)" and the "textile industry adjustment and revitalization plan", aimed at the upgrading needs of the chemical fiber industry, alleviated the contradiction between cotton supply and demand, and effectively utilized the excess polyester capacity, It has important strategic significance for accelerating the product structure adjustment and industrial technology upgrading of China's textile industry; The overall goal of the project is accurate, the overall technical route and subject setting are reasonable, the assessment indicators are clear, the implementation scheme is feasible, the budget is reasonable, and the expected promotion and application prospects and technical competitiveness analysis are true and credible. When the sensor is under external tension or pressure. The demonstration experts unanimously agreed to pass the feasibility demonstration of the project and suggested to start the implementation as soon as possible

the project is organized by the strategic alliance for technological innovation in the chemical fiber industry, and the China Textile Research Institute is the project integration unit. Therefore, manufacturers in the industry can only reduce the losses caused by failures by establishing a perfect after-sales service system. There are more than 20 scientific research institutions, colleges and Universities, which have a complete industrial chain in the whole process of raw material development, spinning, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing and fabric development The enterprise will participate in the research and development and industrialization implementation of this project

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