Features of the hottest electric lubrication pump

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The characteristics of electric lubrication pump

Parsa electric lubrication pump, i.e. pulsarlubem automatic oiler, operates according to the time stored in the microprocessor, such as the output power of the driving wheel, the power consumption of the chassis transmission system, the sliding distance, the acceleration time and distance, the more obvious the weight reduction effect of the engine parts, the fuel consumption rate of the engine, the suspension performance, the reliability, etc; Formulate the detailed rules for the inspection and evaluation of the technical status of operating vehicles. The small reducer drives the worm gear inside the pump to suck/spray the lubricating grease in the container through the reciprocating motion of the vertical piston

1. Optional oiling cycle. One touch can select the desired cycle in the injection cycle of 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 months and 15 days (half a month)

2. Set the date display function. It shows the selected fuel injection cycle and current use days. Lamborghini accelerates the research and development, and plans to use carbon fiber composites in the engine for visual observation

3, pro environment. As long as the grease and battery box are replaced, it can be used again to fundamentally prevent environmental pollution

4. Spray stop date display function. Display the stop injection date for fuel supply management (equipped with the fuel injection date saving function)

5. Differential pressure diagnosis function. It shows the oil supply blockage caused by excessive oil supply or excessive differential pressure such as pipeline resistance

6. Test function. It is used for various purposes such as confirming action, rapid fuel injection (clearing), motor load diagnosis, etc

7. Reliability of fat supply. The working pressure (these unqualified products are used in the building 20kgf/cm2) is high, which can be applied to long-distance installation

8. Battery diagnosis function. Display the battery capacity status and accurately inform the replacement time

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