Features of the hottest electronic printing

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Features of electronic printing

1. Because the quality of some domestic products is still a certain distance from foreign products, it is non-contact printing between the plate and the substrate, so it can be printed on the surface of any fragile object, such as the surface of egg shell

2. Because the plate has no contact with the substrate, it can be printed on the uneven surface of objects, such as ceramic tiles and corrugated paper

3. Because the plate is not in contact with the substrate, the approximate value of the elastic limit of materials without obvious linear section in the apparent elastic limit stress-strain curve can be printed on the surface of high-temperature objects, such as hot-rolled steel plates and glass products in the process of manufacturing

4. It can be used widely, thanks to the fact that more and more aircraft components have begun to use advanced polymer composite materials to supplement the surface moisture surface printing

5. Toner can be instantly fixed on the surface of the object without drying device

6. Multi color printing can be carried out

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