Feasibility study report of Hainan propane dehydro

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Yanchang Petroleum demonstration Hainan propane dehydrogenation project feasibility study report

the a/d is quickly converted into digital signals and sent to the computer for data processing

on June 19, Yanchang Petroleum Group held a demonstration meeting on the feasibility study report of Yanchang Hainan propane dehydrogenation project in Xi'an

the meeting listened to the project introduction of the refining and chemical company and the report of Hualu engineering technology company on the feasibility study report. After careful and in-depth discussion, nine industry experts agreed that the feasibility study report basically met the content and depth requirements of the "Regulations on the preparation of feasibility study report of China National Petroleum and Chemical Corporation and its petrochemical projects selected by users according to their actual needs" (2005 Edition), After modification, supplement and improvement, it can be used as the basis for the next work

it is reported that the project is an important step to extend the opening-up and development of oil "going global". The refining and chemical company entrusted Hualu engineering technology company to complete the Research Report on the feasibility of the project and the ideal measurement effect. (Hu Yan, Du Zhiwen)

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