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Introduction to the characteristics of carton pressure test machine

carton pressure test machine is the most direct test instrument for testing the pressure resistance of cartons or other packaging containers. It is used to determine the pressure resistance of cartons and can be used for the test of pressure holding stacking. The test results can be used as an important reference for the height of finished packaging boxes stacked in factories or an important basis for designing packaging boxes. It can carry out tests in accordance with national or international standards such as GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, etc. it is an ideal testing and research equipment for factories, enterprises, technical supervision departments, commodity inspection institutions, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and other departments

Haida instrument introduces the product characteristics of carton pressure tester from five aspects:

1 The structure of the machine adopts aluminum extruded sealing plate treated by advanced baking paint, with high-precision, low resistance, gapless double ball screws and guide columns built in, which improves the load efficiency and structural rigidity

2. The control system adopts Panasonic digital AC server to control the AC motor with high response frequency to ensure that the transmission system has high efficiency, stable transmission, low noise, and the speed accuracy can be controlled within 0.2% to make the bulb shine

3 The microcomputer system uses a commercial computer as the main control machine, and cooperates with the TM test software of the company to complete all test parameter settings, working state control, data acquisition, analysis and processing, result display and printout

4. The product performance is stable and reliable, the measurement accuracy is high, the test software is powerful, and the operation is simple and easy to understand

5. The force and displacement curves can be seen; Word report can be output directly; The results are intuitive and clear, the force value is accurate, the error is small, the body is stainless steel wrapped, high-grade and generous, and four sensors or a single sensor can be used at the same time

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