Tianjin has stepped up the construction of a milli

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Tianjin has stepped up the construction of a million ton PVC base

another PVC production base is being stepped up in Tanggu and Hangu, Tianjin. It is understood that by the end of the tenth five year plan, the annual output of PVC of Tianjin Bohai Chemical Group Company will reach 1-1.3 million tons, which will not only drive the adjustment and upgrading of the product structure of the chlor alkali enterprise of the group company, but also accelerate the development of chemical building materials in Tianjin and make the city an important chemical base in China

Bohai Chemical Group Corporation is a national super large chemical enterprise, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters. Last year, the output of polyethylene reached 466000 tons, accounting for 15% of the total domestic output. In order to speed up the development of PVC, Tianjin has listed the construction of a million ton PVC base as one of the 12 major product bases to be developed during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. At present, two projects of Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd. have been listed in the sixth and seventh countries of the country. 5. Setting low temperature: see the debt project plan of "operation manual of TCC intelligent temperature controller"; The PVC Expansion Project avoided by LG Dagu Co., Ltd. was temporarily suspended last year due to safety problems. The project has been under construction and will be completed and put into operation in the first half of next year; Tianjin Chemical Plant pvc2017 January 1 January imported more than 1.7 million tons of spodumene raw ore resin project has been completed and put into operation

around the construction of a million ton PVC base, Bohai Chemical Group actively carried out technological innovation, and took the increase of new varieties of PVC and the adoption of new technologies to transform existing production processes as the focus of technological innovation. Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd. has researched and developed the optimization control technology of PVC polymerization process, and successfully transformed Dahua and Tianhua PVC polymerization kettles, which has nearly doubled the output of PVC single kettles; The self-developed high impact and high flow resin for PVC profiles to cooperate with Tianjin University to develop nano antibacterial PVC resin has passed the pilot test and is currently undergoing industrial tests

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