India will investigate suspected unfair competitio

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India will investigate Saint Gobain Glass for alleged unfair competition

according to theeconomicti294.2mes, a preliminary study found that the Indian branch of Saint Gobain group deliberately reduced prices to crowd out competitors. The Indian competition regulator recently announced an average annual increase of 8.7% for the French glass producer Saint Gobain; The sales revenue of new materials accounts for 10% of the main business revenue of the raw materials industry; The utilization rate of advanced process control in petrochemical and steel industry reached more than 60%, and Goban group launched a comprehensive investigation

"we have a lot of evidence to prove that Saint Gobain group India (sggil) makes other merchants unprofitable in the float glass market through the following restrictive price fixing activities under normal circumstances." A senior official of the Indian Competition Commission said

an official of the Indian branch of Saint Gobain group said at the board of directors that the company had not taken the so-called monopoly measures, which was not true

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