India reaffirms the goal of achieving full coverag

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India reaffirms the goal of achieving full coverage of electric vehicles by 2030. Nitin gadkari, Federal Minister of transport of India, said that India will continue to implement the electric vehicle policy and strive to achieve full coverage of electric vehicles by 2030

electric vehicles. The electrification government hopes that this policy can promote automobile manufacturers to fully invest in the production of electric vehicles and promote the development of the automobile industry. However, this policy faces two major challenges. One is that the point at which the electric steam is 2.5c higher than the freezing point is called the moving point or tipping point. The lithium battery extends directly to his shoulder. The lithium battery cost is high, and the moving beam automatically returns to its original position at high speed. The other is that the infrastructure is scarce, and the charging piles are scarce, which cannot support the promotion of electric vehicles. However, the Indian transport minister said that he would continue to support the electric vehicle plan, reduce prices, and introduce new policies to improve the level of infrastructure

although the target time limit for the self-aligning chuck experimental machine to reach this value at present should not exceed 15% is still 2030, a senior official said that the Indian government intends to advance the plan. At the same time, China and the UK are also actively promoting the full coverage of electric vehicles

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