India will be the country with the fastest growth

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India will be the country with the fastest growth in the flexible packaging market

Pira international in London, UK, predicts that the global flexible packaging market will rise at a rate of 5% every year, from 12 million tons in 2004 to more than 16 million tons in 2010. It is predicted that India will grow the fastest by 12.2%, followed by China by 9.2%, then South Africa by 7.0%, Europe by 4.2%, and Canada/United States by 3.4%/3.1%. According to 20 tips in the report, once this technology is implemented in China, it will produce huge social and economic benefits. 0 charts, etc., of which montmorillonite is the most frequently used. It is analyzed in detail by region, materials, end users, etc

information source: Environmental commerce data

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