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Three grandparents and grandchildren in Wuxi were suspected to have died of poisoning due to gas leakage during bathing at home

around 6 p.m. the day before yesterday, a household in Zheng alley, Shunke village, Qianhu road heard heartrending cries. The owner of the house, Xiao Li (not her real name), came home and found that her parents and her 10-year-old son had collapsed at home and were out of breath. She quickly called "120" for help. Although the emergency personnel rushed the three people to the hospital, they still failed to save their lives

in the afternoon of the day before yesterday, 9) the person who took the standard database to manage the experimental data rushed to the scene of the incident after receiving the report. After the incident, Xiao Li went to the hospital with the ambulance. Such a big thing happened in the village, many villagers also came to Xiaoli's house to ask about the situation, and the police maintained order at the scene

Xiao Li's next door neighbor said that the wind has cooled down these days, and everyone is warming at home. Xiao Li returned home at 5:45 that afternoon

"soon I heard someone crying 'help'", and the villagers who heard the cry ran out of the house. Everyone was stunned when they heard the situation: Xiao Li's parents and son had no breath at home

the day before yesterday, China will establish a fast passenger passage between the provincial capital cities and large and medium-sized cities. In the afternoon, "120" emergency ambulance rushed to the scene of the accident after receiving the alarm ", and the three grandparents and grandchildren involved in the accident were sent to the Third Hospital for rescue. According to the first-aid personnel who drove out at that time, the first-aid doctor checked the three grandparents and grandchildren after entering the house and found that they had been dead for some time, which was probably caused by gas poisoning, "because as soon as I entered the room, I smelled a heavy smell of gas, including parallel shaft helical gear reducer, worm gear reducer, bevel gear reducer and so on". At that time, the grandfather of the three fell in the bathtub, and the grandmother and grandson fell on the bed outside the bathroom. They had no vital signs. There is a liquefied gas cylinder outside the bathroom, and the valve is still open. First aid personnel quickly shut down the valve

the night before yesterday, outside the emergency room of the Third Hospital, Xiao Li was overwhelmed by the news that her grandparents and grandchildren had died. Xiao Li said that her son, who is 10 years old and in the fourth grade of primary school, usually lives in a public house and has had a winter vacation these days. Sudden changes made her unbearable

at more than 8 p.m. the night before yesterday, Xiao Li and some relatives returned home. After the door was opened, the gas smell could still be smelled in the house. Then the forensic entered the scene for investigation. Xiao Li's family lives in an ordinary private house in the village. The place of the accident is located in the innermost room on the first floor after entering the door, which is next to the bathroom. Neighbors speculated that it was probably the old man who leaked gas when using the water heater, which led to the tragedy

the specific cause of the incident needs further investigation

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