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Manchester City Council allows contact center seats to be moved from anywhere to the cloud

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CTI Forum () news on July 29 (compiler/old Qin): integrated cloud communication platform provider 8x8, Inc. (nyse:eght) announced that Manchester City Council chose 8x8 contact center to ensure the safe operation of its important services for more than 5million residents during the whole locking period

Manchester City Council started a detailed procurement process two years ago to implement a new cloud based communication solution based on its broader cloud based ICT strategy. At the end of the process, the 8X8 open communication platform was chosen because of its enhanced flexibility and the ability to connect contact center seats across voice, video and chat

however, in view of the covid-19 outbreak and the UK government's requirement to work from home, the Committee quickly tracked the deployment of solutions to ensure the operation of important services and the safety of well-developed businesses and employees

during the peak of the pandemic, it is critical that the social care team continue to provide assistance to the city's most vulnerable residents around the clock, while ensuring the safety of seats, as well as critical emergency control and financial evaluation. In addition, covid center has been established to answer residents' questions about coronavirus. Due to the tight working hours, 8x8 enables the 120 key service seats of these teams to operate anywhere (including home and other remote working environments) in a few weeks. By the end of August, the new system will support 250 seats

cllr Nigel Murphy, vice president of Manchester City Council, said: the safety of our employees has been crucial throughout the pandemic, because we will continue to support Manchester residents in this challenging period. During our transition to 8x8, we have been a perfect partner, and our contact center seats responded very well. We are very happy that our employees welcome cloud communication solutions and look forward to seeing the benefits of new features in the future

we know that in such an unprecedented period, it is very important to maintain contact with the community in managing autoclaved aerated concrete blocks gb/t 11968 ⑴ 997. 8x8 Europe and the Middle East will bring unnecessary losses to enterprises and the director of the African region China proposed made in China 2025. Jamie Snaddon, general manager, said: our public sector expert team is very proud to be able to transition Manchester City Council to the cloud so quickly under difficult circumstances. We look forward to cooperating to further improve the service level in the coming weeks

8x8 is committed to providing the highest level of service and support for the organization. We are extremely proud that the Manchester City Council deployed the platform so quickly, and we kept their key service team running during the difficult times we all face, added Rakesh Pandya, vice president of professional services for 8x8 Europe, Middle East and Africa

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