The hottest manitowac crane broke the record and c

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Manitowak crane broke the record and worked continuously for 80 days

manitowak crane broke the record and worked continuously for 80 days

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problem: Greiner industry is located in Mountjoy, Pennsylvania, in the United States, in a market with demand for seven axis cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 450 tons (500 US tons). Their existing cranes do not have advantages in the crowded working environment. They urgently need to find their own advantages and competitors to win projects, especially some projects with heavy lifting requirements

solution: Greiner purchased a grove gmk647 Before doing the low temperature, 00 all terrain cranes helped them win jobs they couldn't get before. The maximum lifting capacity of this six axle crane is 400 tons (450 US tons), which is not only suitable for the construction site where the seven axle crane is not suitable, but also ensures the lifting capacity

advantages of grove gmk6400: Greiner has now stood out from its competitors and formed its own characteristics. With gmk6400 crane, it has reduced its service cost and constantly broken the company's record. The earliest wood plastic composite new material was born at the beginning of last century. Recently, the company won the largest order in history to build a new wastewater treatment facility - "Alexander maintenance and management facility" for Alexandria, Pennsylvania. "Without gmk6400, we can't get the project and complete it." Ben Daugherty, crane Department Manager of Greiner, said, "the span of the legs of the seven axle crane is larger, and most of the company's cranes can fix the legs in a space of 7.3 meters (24 feet) only under the condition of limited space, without affecting the lifting weight." He explained, "without gmk6400, I could hardly win this business and complete it. The spacing between the seven axis crane support pads is too wide, and most company crane supports need to be fully or at least half extended. Gmk6400 supports can only extend 7.3 meters in a limited space (with computer automatic processing function and experimental curve display of 24 feet), and do not affect the lifting weight."

this crane also broke another company record in this project, that is, it continued to work for 80 days

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