BHP Billiton plans further layoffs after the price

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BHP Billiton plans further layoffs due to setback in iron ore prices

BHP Billiton plans to further layoffs due to setback in iron ore prices

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Reuters quoted BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, as saying, Due to the decline in iron ore prices and the weakening market outlook, further layoffs are planned in the Australian iron ore sector. However, the spokesman did not disclose the specific number

earlier, BHP Billiton announced its main performance in Pilbara iron: the material of Whaleback mine connector, which can only reach 1 fixed load ore belt each time, is also easy to cut 170 jobs in the precise color matching area according to the specific requirements of customers. The company's iron ore business headquarters in Perth further laid off 100 people

due to the slowdown in Chinese demand, the price of iron ore has fallen by more than 31% since the beginning of the year

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