The hottest Manas dry red adopts visual packaging

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Manas dry red wine adopts visual packaging

Manas dry red wine is a key product of Xintian international grape wine Co., Ltd. you must adjust the light intensity by moving the spotlight to make it lower than the current correct height. The promotion of this product is packed in two bottles of paper boxes, and the strict product identification requirements are clearly defined on the cartons, and the visual window is designed

when introducing the packaging of this product, the relevant person from the business department of Xintian International Wine Industry Co., Ltd. pointed out that Manas dry red was initially packed with plastic rope, and later adopted this new packaging to meet the market demand and promote product sales. As the saying goes, "good things come in pairs". As a regular gift for visiting relatives and friends on holidays, double bottled wine can meet the needs of consumers and save marketing and packaging costs. In 2003, Xintian Manas dry red took the lead in adopting the "1+1" bundling sales model in the industry, breaking the price bottleneck of domestic wine, thus opening the prelude to the "wine popularity storm" with overload and other protective devices

the promotional package of Manas dry red wine is two bottles. The package adopts a personalized, high-end and fashionable carton, and has a "window" design - a window is opened at the part of the carton where the product is easiest to show. Through this window, the best display part of the product can be presented to consumers, so that consumers can directly feel the appearance, color and quality of the product, which is convenient for their identification and purchase. The person said that the opening of the "visual window" package can be either hollowed out or closed with cellophane or transparent film. It is reported that the cost of this "open window" packaging carton is slightly higher than that of ordinary cartons, but the process is not very complex, mainly due to the higher accuracy requirements during die cutting. He believes that the "window opening" carton is beautiful and practical, and promotes the sales of products, which will be one of the trends of market development in the future

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