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Beware of technological innovation alliance "alliance but not alliance"

beware of technological innovation alliance "alliance but not alliance"

September 18, 2012

[China coating information] on August 31, the first edition of China Chemical Industry News reported that industry, University and research institutes gathered advantageous resources to jointly tackle key problems - the establishment of China coating industry technological innovation alliance:

on August 29, at the 2012 China coating industry information annual meeting held in Jinan, Shandong Province, The strategic alliance for technological innovation in China's coating industry was announced. The alliance was established by 22 domestic coating leading enterprises and scientific research institutions such as Tianjin lighthouse coating group and Shandong Pentium paint Co., Ltd. The establishment of the alliance will break the current situation of low-end coating products and disorderly industrial competition, and guide the coating industry to develop in the direction of high-tech, green and environmental protection

recently, several industrial technological innovation alliances, such as the strategic alliance for technological innovation in China's coating industry, the intelligent tire manufacturing technology innovation alliance, and the Fujian nylon technology innovation alliance, were announced to be established. Over the years, problems such as the weak integration of industry, University and research, and the lack of a long-term mechanism for cooperation have hindered the improvement of the independent innovation ability of the petroleum and chemical industry, and also restricted the industrialization of the achievements of the institutes, which will provide solutions to reduce costs for metals or traditional composites through the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and new scientific research methods. Therefore, it is not only the need of industry development, but also the common aspiration of industry, University and research to establish a technological innovation alliance of industry university research cooperation and concentrate on overcoming the common, key and bottleneck problems of the industry

at the end of 2008, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education, the SASAC, the all China Federation of trade unions and the China Development Bank jointly issued the "guidance on the exemption of initial fees and insurance policy management fees for" win No.1 "to promote the construction of industrial technological innovation strategic alliances, and subsequently issued supporting management measures. Since then, the industrial technology innovation alliance "suddenly came like a spring breeze overnight", and flowers bloomed everywhere

however, the establishment of alliances is not an end, it is only a means to promote industrial innovation. The purpose of establishing the alliance is to integrate scattered scientific research resources, realize complementary advantages, coordinate operations, and jointly promote industrial technological innovation. To solve the long-term problems in the combination of industry, University and research, it is by no means a "combination"

according to the operation of the alliance established in the past few years, not many have really achieved their goals, and the alliance has created few major practical achievements. Many Innovation Alliances "unite but not unite", and the structure of alliance members is loose, seemingly divorced, and even all kinds of contradictions appear and go their separate ways

in fact, the alliance should be a community of interests of industry, University and research. All parties work for "themselves", and the benefits obtained are shared according to the contract. Therefore, the enthusiasm and potential will be explored to the greatest extent. Among them, how to realize risk sharing and benefit sharing is the most important and thorny problem

we know that the most important reason why industry, University and research institutes can't get together for a long time is that their interest demands are inconsistent. In the past, many so-called industry university research consortia, most enterprises aimed to obtain a specific technical solution from universities and scientific research institutions, and were not willing to invest in the development of basic generic technologies, while universities and scientific research institutions paid more attention to the publication of papers, the award of achievements by the government, and the receipt of scientific research funds from the government or enterprises. Such cooperation lacks a common long-term goal, so it has no durability, and often ends with the end of a topic

in developed countries such as Germany and the United States, technological innovation alliances have played a great role in scientific and technological progress. These innovation alliances have independent legal person status and complete operation systems such as system regulations, decision-making team, management team, budget, full-time employees, and enterprises play a leading role. Many domestic alliances have obviously not solved the key problem of risks and interests. Therefore, there is a phenomenon of "alliance but not alliance", and the results are not satisfactory

to solve this problem and ensure that the industrial technological innovation alliance achieves tangible results, the organizers and members of the alliance must pay attention to the play of market mechanism. We should clarify the rights and responsibilities of all partners, have detailed alliance terms, and clarify the relationship of interests, especially capital investment, ownership of intellectual property rights and profit distribution. Enterprises should play a leading role. In addition, the risk of research and development should still be borne by all parties in the alliance. If the alliance is completely supported by government scientific research funds, it cannot form a community that shares risks and benefits through market segments

the petroleum and chemical industry is a technology intensive industry, and technology research is often invested in a large and long cycle. There is a long way to realize the industrialization of scientific research achievements. Therefore, the industry needs the innovation alliance to play a role. The alliance we hope to see is not a loose group formed only to obtain the support of national scientific research projects, nor is it an industry association or federation. What we want is an economic entity with a clear relationship of technology transfer and benefit distribution, with the common purpose of promoting industrial innovation. In this way, we can really promote the industry to accelerate the pace of innovation

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