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Manitowak: cranes with high rope speed are really different

manitowak: cranes with high rope speed are really different

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we live in a fast-paced world, and many crane users talk about that the single rope speed of the lifting mechanism is very important to the profits of the business. Those crane buyers who value single rope speed not only want to complete a specific project faster, but also hope to take over more projects in a year. Now let's give some practical examples to see how these companies prove this

the alvear building in Buenos Aires will be the tallest building in Argentina after completion. Because the building is 235m high, a group of high rope speed cranes were used in the construction process to ensure the operation efficiency at such a height

manitowac: the crane with high rope speed is really different.

Gustavo Costa is the owner and President of Tecno dealer. His company is the distributor and lessee of Botan in Buenos Aires. He once sold two 10t Botan MC 205 B cranes to building contractor criba. He said that the high rope speed is the key factor to complete the "super high" building on time and on budget

"after studying all factors in construction, we helped users choose the best equipment." Costa said. "In view of the extreme height of construction involved in the construction of the building, we suggest that the two Botan MC 20 (1) pre experiment wiping equipment 5B adopt different configurations to meet the special requirements in construction. These requirements are unmatched by lower buildings."

Botan MC 205 B is equipped with 75 LVF 25 lifting mechanism, and the single rope speed can reach 117m per minute. It can be used for double or quadruple lifting operations, and is suitable for the construction of new buildings with a height of more than 20 meters that are constantly optimized and updated. The rope capacity of the hoist drum is 550m

"Botan crane is used for operation at high altitude during the day, ensuring the timely completion of the customer test certificate of the Contractor's project." He said. "The crane works 12 hours a day to hoist the reinforcement, formwork and machinery for concrete pouring. The smooth and accurate control of Botan crane is conducive to the success of the project." (this article is from manitowak)

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