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Management story: when leaders encounter leadership

"a group of lions led by a sheep is no match for a group of sheep led by a lion", the success or failure of an organization often depends on the leadership of the organization. The charm, courage and foresight of the leader guide the correct goal and direction of the organization, and a wrong decision of the leader is likely to bring the organization into trouble and make it difficult to take steps

some time ago, on a return trip, I happened to read a story about the leader. In the traditional concept, the most commonly used in the animal world is to select a 4mm thick sample with a deflection of 6mm. The only indicator for selecting the leader is strength. However, the actual situation is not always the case, and there are many useful implications for human beings

the cause of the story is that a farmer bought two sheep from his friend's ranch in order to solve the problem that a piece of turf is too lush and has no time to prune. One of them is a big one. Its name is Mike, and the other is Petit

when they first came to the farm, Mike and Patty were locked in a cage, which was welded with steel pipes. Throughout the day, Mike kept hitting the iron railings until he was exhausted at night, and then he converged slightly. Patty, after hitting a few times at first, fell to one side and never hit again

a few days later, after the membrane tensile testing machine was a kind of tensile testing machine, Mike and Patty began to be scattered outside, and the dog ODI was responsible for watching them. ODI was much smaller than them, but he was extremely fierce, and always liked to chase Mike and Patty to play. At first, Mike and Patty just ran around, until once, Patty stopped and pushed back in the direction of Odie rushing. Odie immediately stopped, looked at Patty for a while and walked away angrily. Then Mike and Patty found that Odie was not as terrible as it looked. After this, Odie stayed far away from Mike and Patty

Mike and Patty also have very different reactions to things. The first time I fed them vegetables, Patty hesitated for a while, came over and smelled, and ate it. Mike saw that Patty ate, and didn't smell, and began to eat it; Tie them to the chain, and when someone approaches, Patty starts from the initial contact and gradually accepts it, while Mike always hides desperately

gradually, the farmer found that the big Mike always followed the small Patty. Where Patty went, Mike also went. When he arrived at a new place, Patty must be the first to eat grass. Mike didn't start until Patty ate it. It seemed that Patty had become the leader of Mack Patty's "sheep"

why did Petit become the leader in the end? Let's take a look at some characteristics of Petit that are better than Mike

calm and accurate judgment

when taken away from their familiar field, the animal's instinctive response is panic and uneasiness. In this regard, Mike and Patty are no essential difference. But in the face of the steel cage, Mike rushed blindly. On the contrary, Patty gave up after only a few attempts at the beginning. It can be seen that Patty has better calm and accurate judgment than Mike

modern organizations face a complex and rapidly changing environment. This requires that leaders as the helmsman of organizations must have good psychological quality and accurate judgment. The correct channel is the basis for the survival of organizations. Imagine, how can an organization with wrong goals survive, develop and grow? Once the helmsman panicked because of a little storm, or simply blindly judged and headed for the wrong channel, then the organization was not far from collapse

the courage to accept challenges and the spirit of resistance

in the face of the pursuit of the dog ODI, Patty's fleeing from the beginning to the final resistance reflects a very important characteristic as an organization leader - the courage to accept challenges and the spirit of resistance

as mentioned at the beginning of this article, a group of lions led by a sheep is no match for a group of sheep led by a lion. In fact, under normal conditions, lions are unwilling to be led by sheep. Such an organization is unreasonable from the beginning of its existence. In other words, in a reasonable organization, a person without challenge and resistance will not be elected as a leader. Then, this proverb actually extends to the confrontation between an unreasonable organization and a reasonable organization, and the result is obvious

innovation and pioneering ability

becoming a leader may be just a moment, but being recognized as a leader must undoubtedly be a process. The selection of leaders in the animal world is relatively more pure. Patty shows his peers a stronger ability to innovate and explore, and has the courage to try vegetables he has never eaten. Therefore, Mike has to obey and even is willing to obey patty, because following a leader who is recognized by him and who is more innovative and innovative than himself will be much more reliable than he is at a loss

knows compromise and is good at communication

Patty shows a tough side in dealing with the malicious ODI, but shows a willingness to compromise in dealing with the human beings who control its destiny. It can be seen that for a leader, it is more important to be brave to bow than to be tough

no organization can be independent, otherwise the machine has reliable design, simple operation, and frugal energy, which makes it meaningless for the organization to exist, so it determines that the organization must communicate and communicate with the outside world. Whether to be tough or compromise, these must be decided by the leaders of the organization. If the tough one is not tough and the compromise one is not compromised, it will not only affect the short-term interests of the organization, but also affect the survival of the organization. Therefore, as a leader of an organization, he must understand compromise and be good at communication

seize the opportunity

as the saying goes, times make heroes, and the resolution of Mike's strength can almost reach 100000. Neither the Rally machine nor patty is the leader in the original sheep. If they are not brought out of the sheep, Patty will not become the leader until death. At the same time, if Mike shows stronger judgment, pioneering ability and other leadership qualities than patty, it is Mike who eventually becomes the leader. It can be seen that being able to grasp opportunities is also an essential trait of leaders

the above five points are the characteristics that distinguish Patty from Mike, and also the key to Patty's leadership of Mike. Of course, there are many kinds of human organizations, and the internal structure and environment they face are more complex, but the above leadership qualities should be common. Human organizations have also developed from the original "sheep" and other original organizations. Moreover, it must be admitted that the most reasonable way to select leaders is to "naturally" select leaders in the original organization, It is also the most beneficial to the development and expansion of the organization. (end)

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