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Mann's new TG model appeared in the European tour

in October 2016, Mann opened a road show across Europe, showing the new TG model released at the IAA commercial vehicle show in Hannover. During the 9800 kilometer trip to Europe, Mann TGX, TGS, TGM and TGL series models are impressive with their new excellent design and more efficient and effective transmission system. At the same time, man tge, which debuted at the IAA commercial vehicle exhibition, and the new digital logistics brand Rio will also participate in the roadshow

Mann's new TG model appeared in the European tour

just like Mann's first display at the IAA commercial auto show in 2016, Mann's subsidiary set up a perfect scene through 11 large-scale display activities, enabling European customers to watch many innovative achievements more closely. The tour will travel through nine countries, providing more than 4600 visitors with the opportunity to test drive Mann's new model. The new truck test drive activity started in Munich has been highly praised by customers all the way. By the end of the tour, 3300 test drives had been carried out, with a total mileage of 170000 kilometers - more than four times the circumference of the earth

TG series models equipped with man profidrive system proved their excellent performance and efficiency in this test drive. Numerous measurement data have proved that the system greatly improves the performance and dynamic driving while significantly improving fuel consumption, and achieves the expected high reliability. The new generation D38 engine can also provide up to 640 HP power output at low engine speed and sufficient torque of up to 3000 nm. The new D26 engine is famous for its low weight and low fuel consumption. The engine is optimized for fleet applications. It can provide 420 HP to 500 HP power for waste plastic particles 1, which is in short supply. Such an excellent engine is matched with man tipmatic transmission with driver specially adjusted for each application field, creating man's efficient, economical and environmental friendly transmission system

Mann's new TG model appeared in the European tour

during the tour, visitors fully affirmed many design innovations on TG vehicles. Externally, the man Lion Logo stands high in the most prominent position. Inside, the warm color style of new materials and seat skins adds a touch of brightness and high quality to all TG models, and the unique steering wheel design makes this feeling more obvious. TGX and TGS models have newly designed and dynamic cooling air inlets. In addition, the driver's position of all models is equipped with a new infotainment system, automatic lamp control system and rain sensor. The new Mann mmtadvanced infotainment system has 5-inch and 7-inch display options, which can provide a large number of new functional experiences, such as digital radio reception, powerful traffic information, connection methods for different additional devices, and truck specific navigation functions that can be equipped on demand

powerful and diverse roadshow fleet

this roadshow showed a total of 12 new TG vehicles, of which the third-generation Mann TGX efficientline system can save 6.35% more fuel than the previous generation. Customers from the liquid and bulk material transportation industry witnessed and experienced the performance of TGS 18.420 model, and were deeply impressed by the payload capacity and driving safety system of the new Mann TGS model. Due to the diversity of TGS models, TGS models account for half of the roadshow fleet. The main lineup includes TGS 18.360, an all wheel drive winter service vehicle, and TGS 26.500 6x4 timber transport vehicles equipped with additional hydraulic front wheel drive for driving on bumpy forest roads. Tgs 35.500 8x4 three-way dump truck, TGS 32.420 8x4 cement mixer truck, and the same with 9 The random skill file sample is a heavy-duty crane based on TGS 8x4 model and equipped with a new top-level D26 engine with an output power of up to 500 HP, which fully demonstrates the powerful performance of Mann TGS model in construction applications

Mann's new TG model was unveiled in the European tour

roadshow models also include other models that statically show Mann's indisputable position in the field of heavy vehicles, such as the three axle and four axle TGX heavy semi-trailer tractors, of which the three axle model has an output power of 580 HP, while the four axle model is equipped with a new D38 engine with an output power of 640 HP. At present, Datong of TGX models equipped with D38 engines should ensure the air circulation. Some standard applications can also use the new top engine version. The flagship model of this roadshow is the semi-trailer tractor of the special performanceline version displayed on the IAA in 2016. Mann TGX 18.640 is evidence of this fact. In addition to a large number of unique internal and external design elements, the most eye-catching part of this special series is the top engine with an output power of 640 HP. By introducing the performanceline version, Mann has provided dealers and drivers with real high-end products that they are proud of

Mann TGM 18.290 refrigerated truck in the roadshow fleet has an optimized frame structure, which can provide up to one metric ton of additional payload, as well as reserved space for frigoblock alternator, which can realize factory delivery, fully demonstrating Mann's unremitting commitment to important distribution and transportation fields. As a fire vehicle expert with many years of experience in the field of fire protection, Mann also showed the new TGL series fire vehicles during the tour exhibition. Mann TGL 8.220 4x2 model with all steel double cab in the roadshow fleet meets all fire protection standards, and this model is only one of many examples of standardized fire protection solutions for rescue vehicles and fire engines that can be delivered by Mann's factories

the latest models of man tge product family were also displayed in this man tour. This commercial vehicle for distribution, transportation and construction industry covers the allowable gross weight range of 3.0-5.5 tons, so Mann has become a full range of service providers. The most outstanding man tge models are the best total cost of ownership (TCO) and an impressive payload of up to 1.5 metric tons. There will be a wealth of customizable man tge derivatives in the spring sales activities. The new diesel engine on this model is mainly characterized by durability, reliability and economy, so that the performance of the new man tge model has reached a new level while giving consideration to efficiency and environmental protection. In addition, the most advanced auxiliary system will provide the highest level of security, and Mann's daily professional services will always be with you

proven services and new services

Mann also introduced its extensive service product portfolio in 11 tour exhibitions. Visitors can also learn about the various financial services and after-sales solutions for ultra energy conservation and emission reduction provided by man, as well as the rich man profidrive training courses

Mann's new TG model was unveiled at the European tour

during the tour, Mann also provided a special booth for Rio, a brand-new brand of Volkswagen truck and bus group in the field of digital solutions, and visitors also showed great interest in this booth. Rio is an open, cross manufacturer business and technology platform that provides unique and personalized intuitive digital services for the entire transportation and logistics ecosystem. Through the digital new products and services provided by Rio, customers can intelligently optimize their logistics process and manage product flow more effectively. From the spring of 2017, every new man truck will have the technical conditions to use all the new services. As the initiator of Rio, Mann will be responsible for its development within the Volkswagen truck and bus group

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