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Managers should not forget to attack on both sides

in actual management work, 5. Polysulfone is close to Newtonian in the molten state. People pay too much attention to the leading and exemplary role of managers themselves, but ignore employees who have direct contact with customers. In many organizations, all preferential conditions and educational opportunities are given to managers, and many managers have the opportunity to go abroad for investigation and training. However, they did not transmit the corresponding ability to their subordinates, so that their subordinates received less education opportunities and did not receive special correction and training in their usual work, so they were unable to cope with the market and customers

managers: involve employees

managers are useless even if they are capable, because customers usually know the employees in front of them, not the supervisor. In the old concept, it is usually the management level to manage a company, but the new concept believes that employees should be involved in decision-making and management

correctly handle the relationship between customers, employees and managers

under the two different concepts, the relationship between managers, employees and customers used to be the manager at the top, employees and customers at the bottom, The vast majority of the limited enterprise talent development funds are used for the cultivation and development of popular middle and low-level talents. Managing people is the most important in this organization, which is a practice in the era of planned economy. But this is not the case in the market economy. This relationship is reversed. Customers are at the top, employees face customers, managers are at the bottom of employees, and support employees. This is a new concept

case: there are six large Disneyland parks in the world. Both Florida and California Disneyland have a history of business and have created good performance. However, the most successful and best business in the world is Tokyo Disney in Japan, with a record of 17million visitors a year. Study this case to see how Tokyo Disney attracts repeat customers

some employees of Tokyo Disney sweep the floor. They are students who work in the summer vacation. Although they sweep for only two months, it takes three days to train them to sweep the floor

◆ learn how to sweep the floor

on the morning of the first day, we need to train how to sweep the floor. There are three kinds of brooms for sweeping the floor: one is used to pick leaves; One is used to scrape paper scraps; One is used for dusting. These three kinds of brooms have different shapes. How to sweep the leaves so that they won't fly? How to scrape paper scraps to scrape paper scraps well? How to dust, so that the dust will not float? These seemingly simple actions should be strictly trained

◆ learn photography

learn photography in the afternoon of the first day. A dozen of the world's most advanced digital cameras are placed together, and each of them has to learn different brands, because guests will ask employees to take photos, and may bring the world's latest cameras to spend their honeymoon and travel here. If employees can't take photos and don't know what it is, they can't take good care of customers, so learning to take photos takes an afternoon

◆ learn how to wrap diapers for children in the afternoon of the next day. The mother of the child may ask the employee to help hold the child, but if the employee can't hold the child and the action is not standardized, he can't help the customer, but add trouble to the customer. You should not only be able to hold children, but also change diapers for children

◆ learning identification direction

learning identification direction at noon the next day. Customers will ask all kinds of questions, so every employee with stable system performance should memorize the whole Disney map in his mind and be very clear about every direction and location of Disney. Obviously, if people encounter such employees in Disney, they will feel very comfortable. They will come back to Disney next time, which is the so-called "attracting customers back", which is the so-called "employees face customers"


◆ employees should be allowed to participate in decision-making. Managers only allocate resources, not everything is led by managers

◆ in fact, it is not the supervisor who really faces the customers, but the employees, so we should educate and train the employees

◆ employees stand directly in front of customers, employees are more important than managers, and customers are more important than employees

managers: trees must be authoritative

as a leader, how to manage employees well so that employees can accept management. What does this depend on? Rely on your own authority. So how to shape your authority? First of all, we should explore where the authority of leadership comes from

1. Five characteristics

intelligence, supervision, self-confidence, proactive attitude, and determination. These five conditions are indispensable for a person to achieve. A person does not need to have all these five conditions, but if he does not have one, he cannot become a successful professional manager. In other words, a successful professional manager should have some or several characteristics

as a leader, the most needed power is expert power and exemplary power. As a 354 leader, starting from the grass-roots level, the scope of his technical ability and professional skills will gradually become narrower with the promotion of his position, while the scope of his conceptual ability will slowly expand. Because as a leader of a modern enterprise, he should have diversified technologies, views and abilities, understand politics, sociology and psychology other than professional technology, and even understand economics, money science, banking, trade and finance, as well as fiscal and tax regulations, art and aesthetics. If a person has such expert power and professional skills, his employees will naturally obey you, call you a master, regard you as the leader of all technologies and the owner of all knowledge, and naturally show the authority of the manager. So take some time every day to enrich this professional skill

2. Three key points

How can an excellent business manager show your personal charm? Rely on emotional quotient (EQ). The highest style of emotional quotient is eight words: "take responsibility, cultivate self-confidence", which is based on honesty. To be honest, managers need to do three things: know yourself, know customers, and work hard

the so-called integrity, first, be honest with yourself and know yourself; Second, be honest with customers and understand them; Third, be honest with the company and work hard. If you have all three, you can call it having the basic elements of Eq

first, know yourself. To be honest, you need to know yourself. There is a bide principle in management: everyone keeps climbing up. I have never heard of anyone who thinks he is not suitable until he really doesn't want to be promoted. A person should fully understand himself, realize his ability, and know where he can go and where he can sit

secondly, understand customers. What customers really think in their hearts needs to be understood. In fact, many enterprises don't really know customers very well. Whoever really knows customers and faces customers honestly becomes the winner in the competition

finally, work hard. Since the manager's own opportunities come from the company, protecting the interests of the company is to safeguard the manager's own interests. Managers should take safeguarding the interests of the company as their own responsibility, give investors and companies the opportunity to achieve their careers, repay wholeheartedly, devote themselves to work, and strive to achieve greater benefits

3. Take responsibility and cultivate self-confidence

whether a leader is responsible or not is not to review whose fault it is in a meeting, but to assume his own fault in front of the leader, and then to study whose fault it is with the employees, so as to face the problems directly and solve the difficulties quickly

to cultivate self-confidence is to give subordinates a chance to correct their mistakes. Give him a chance to correct his mistakes and a way to correct them. Employees should be encouraged to take risks and innovate to cultivate their confidence


◆ opportunity is very important to one's life. Opportunity can change one's destiny. Don't miss it

◆ the so-called professional manager is to have modern diversified views and professional skills, so that the employees under him will naturally obey you and naturally show the authority of the manager

◆ honesty is the foundation of emotional intelligence, the foundation of leading the masses, and the major foundation for the full development of an enterprise and a country. (end)

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