Beware of poisonous food bags contaminating Chines

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Beware of toxic food bags polluting Chinese food

when you choose to open up innovative meat and vegetables in the market, or use plastic bags to put back hot soymilk and fried dough sticks in breakfast shops, you may not pay more attention to the bags containing food, and it is more difficult to find that the food may have been polluted by harmful substances such as bacteria on the bags, which seriously endangers your health! Recently, the urban investigation team of Shantou Municipal Bureau of Statistics found that toxic recycled plastic film bags flooded Shantou's food market

toxic recycled plastic film bags fill the food market

the investigation of the municipal urban investigation team found that the use of recycled plastic film bags is very common in all stalls of major farmers' markets in Shantou, not only in most food stalls such as meat and poultry, aquatic products, vegetables, but also in many food stalls such as cooked fish, stewed meat, bread, cake and so on, and even in breakfast stalls on the market Fast food restaurants also use this kind of bag to contain soymilk, fried dough sticks, hot soup, etc. the use of toxic recycled plastic film bags is shocking. According to the longan market, there are three kinds of film bags in circulation in the market, from good to bad, and the vast majority of them do not have the word "for food". A peddler said, "a medium-quality bag costs 5 yuan per kilogram, and the price difference of each bag is 5 jiao to 1 yuan." In the market, only a few vendors selling goose, Mr. remisalomon, also emphasized that vendors and bakeries selling cooked foods such as roast meat use the best of the three. The worst kind is widely used in circulation. This kind of bag is thin and looks light brown or light yellow. Some citizens said, "people are a little afraid to use this kind of bag to hold food."

recycled plastic bags are seriously harmful to human health

according to insiders, recycled bags are made of waste plastics, industrial waste and other processing, most of which are muddy in color, some of which also have small black spots, sticky hands and strong plastic smell. Without any elimination process, each process requires less than 1 second of toxic treatment, containing a large number of bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eye. In addition, some producers have added some stabilizers to avoid the black film bags made of waste plastics, which will pollute food and cause accumulated lead poisoning in human body because its main component is lead stearate. Recycled bags are used to contain meat, vegetables and other food, especially cooked food. The harmful substances, bacteria on the bags and the toxic gases released by the plastic itself will cause food pollution and seriously endanger human health. Because the impact of using recycled film bags on human body generally does not appear immediately, but slowly erodes human health, causing many people to suffer unconsciously

The widespread use of toxic recycled plastic film bags in the market has attracted great attention of relevant departments in Shantou. Special inspections will be further strengthened to resolutely stop the circulation of recycled bags in the food market. At the same time, green packaging will be vigorously advocated to reduce white pollution. Citizens also need to improve their health awareness and refuse to use this kind of recycled plastic film bag. Experts specially remind that when using plastic bags to pack food, be careful not to use colored plastic bags. The reason is that the pigment used for plastic bag dyeing has strong permeability and volatility, and it is easy to exude when it meets oil and heat; If it is an organic dye, it will also contain aromatic hydrocarbons, which will have a certain impact on health. Wood plastic materials are used in the construction around the Beijing Olympic venues and the China Pavilion of the WorldExpo. Secondly, many colored plastic bags are made of recycled plastics. Because there are many impurities in the recycled materials, manufacturers have to add pigments to cover them up. In addition, some plastic bags made of recycled plastic are also made into white. Therefore, we can't simply use color as the selection standard. The most reassuring way is to see whether the words "for food" are marked on the packaging bag

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