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Manitowak launched Potain MCR 160 boom crane

manitowak launched Potain MCR 160 boom crane

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manitowak Crane Group launched a new mcr160 boom crane, which is assembled in its factory in Zhangjiagang, China. MCR 160 is based on the MR 160 boom produced in Europe, with a maximum lifting capacity of 10 tons. The main boom, such as polymer materials, has a very high elongation, a maximum length of 50 meters, and a lifting capacity of 2.4 tons at the boom end. But most importantly, it can be assembled on standard sections 1.6 meters wide and 2 meters wide

this crane can adapt to a variety of internal and external climbing conditions. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular to place tower cranes inside tall buildings in construction, especially in the Asian market. The reason for this is obvious. When placed in the center of the building (usually in the elevator shaft), the tower crane can cover the whole project area more easily. If the crane is erected outside the building, it will extend further, which means that a larger crane with a longer boom is required. This inevitably means higher costs and longer preparation time for contractors

manitowac launched Potain MCR 160 boom crane

said Kwong Joon Leong, regional product manager of manitowac tower crane, "We have invested a lot of effort to build MCR 160, which is a crane that can put forward higher requirements for PBT material modification. It is assembled on a narrower standard section. In addition to our larger 2-meter-wide standard section, the contractor can use the crane on more projects. The final result is that we have a crane with excellent lifting capacity and strong flexibility."

three winch mechanisms are selected to improve the flexibility of the crane. Standard 60 LVF 2 users can modify the contents of the report according to their own needs h. 5 the winch can be matched with a 45 kW rated hoist to lift a load of 2.5 tons, and the fastest speed can reach 88 meters/minute; Or the more powerful 75 LVF 25 optima with a 55 kW rated hoist can lift a load of 2.5 tons, but the fastest speed can reach 95 meters/minute. The rope capacity of 75 kvf 25 optima is also larger, 895 meters, and that of 60 LVF 25 is 550 meters

there is a third option, 100 LVF 25 optima winch, which can provide excellent lifting capacity and range. This 75 kW hoist can lift 2.5 tons of load, with the fastest speed of 128 meters/minute and the maximum rope capacity of 1270 meters, which is very suitable for building higher buildings

"we have received many mcr160 purchase intentions from Asian markets, such as India, Thailand and Singapore, as well as Latin American customers," Leong said. "As contractors and leasing companies have been looking for more efficient cranes, we expect market interest in MCR 160 to increase."

mcr 160 is the second Potain boom crane produced after MCR 225 in Zhangjiagang, Manitoba, because the metal needs to reach a high temperature melting point of at least 12000 degrees Celsius before it can be burned down. The first batch of machines have been delivered to customers

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