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Baling Petrochemical "management + technology" two wheel drive energy-saving potential tapping

Baling Petrochemical Company adheres to the concept of systematic energy management, and promotes the establishment of green enterprises and high-quality development by strengthening management and technological progress. In the first 11 months of this year, the company saved 76.56 million yuan, 319% of the 24million yuan planned at the beginning of the year. In the past three years, the company has exceeded the quota every year. Baling Petrochemical Company adheres to the concept of systematic energy management, and promotes the establishment of green enterprises and high-quality development by strengthening management and technological progress. In the first 11 months of this year, the company saved 76.56 million yuan, 319% of the 24million yuan planned at the beginning of the year. In the past three years, the company has exceeded the energy-saving potential tapping goal every year, with a cumulative energy-saving effect of nearly 153million yuan

according to the latest statistics, during the "13th five year plan" period, the energy consumption of the unlisted part and the listed part of Baling Petrochemical's 10000 yuan output value decreased year by year, with a decrease of 4.1% and 9.3% respectively. The cumulative energy savings reached more than 210000 tons of standard coal, exceeding the energy-saving target issued by the local government. The energy consumption of each unit of major units decreased to varying degrees, and the cumulative energy-saving effect in the five years was nearly 192million yuan

double assessment of energy process and effect

in recent years, Baling Petrochemical has implemented a three-year action plan on major economic and technical indicators to create an industry benchmark, seeking benefits from energy conservation

since 2015, the company has established an energy management system, introduced the target assessment mode of energy-saving and efficiency creation assessment amount, refined and decomposed the energy indicators of each device, and set three goals of "basic, improvement and struggle" for the consumption of all energy medium varieties of each device. The basic goal is the actual completion value of the previous year, the improvement goal is the best level in history, and the goal is to reduce the industry benchmark or the best level in history by%. The target value of each unit's energy efficiency amount is the difference between the unit consumption improvement target and the basic target of all devices' energy medium multiplied by the total value-added of the constant unit price of each energy medium in the current period

in order to mobilize the enthusiasm for excellence, the company sets several key indicators for each unit, and sets the advanced reward and punishment coefficient of key economic and technical indicators in the annual cumulative completion rate of energy conservation and efficiency. When the cumulative value of each key economic and technical indicator reaches the improvement target value, the advanced coefficient of the key indicator is 0.01, and when the cumulative value reaches the goal value, the coefficient is 0.02; When the cumulative value of each key economic and technical indicator fails to reach the basic target value, the advanced coefficient of key indicators is -0.01

"the energy performance assessment has gradually changed from focusing on a single result to a result oriented and process supervision focused assessment method, highlighting the process management of the energy profession." The person in charge of Baling Petrochemical production management department introduced. The company made a comprehensive evaluation on the special work of monthly energy management and the implementation of measures, the completion of the index plan, and the value of energy conservation and efficiency creation. The results were well completed, but the implementation of specific work was poor, and the measures were not implemented. The items and points of penalty for plugged in power assessment were set, realizing the dual management assessment of energy process and effect

normalization of energy management team

in recent years, the company has established an energy management team with more than 60 people. With the purpose of reducing energy consumption and improving energy utilization efficiency, the company adopts systematic thinking and process methods. On the basis of clarifying objectives, responsibilities, procedures and resource requirements, it is comprehensive, hard and tough: large modulus of elasticity planning, implementation, inspection and improvement to ensure that energy management activities continue The energy-saving effect is constantly maintained, consolidated and optimized

the company's (Yueyang) urban steam consumption was once high, affecting the overall energy consumption level. In this regard, the company's energy management team went to the scene to investigate the current situation, collect data, model analysis and energy consumption diagnosis, comprehensively analyzed the rationality of steam cascade use from the occurrence of steam system and user use, and identified and found three major problems in the urban steam system: unreasonable utilization of steam energy level, on-site discharge of steam and condensate, and defects in steam pipe operation and insulation

on this basis, the energy management team further analyzed and discussed, consulted the design and technology. It is used to measure the deformation of the sample in the process of the experiment, and implemented improvement measures from three aspects under the joint guidance of the energy-saving professional team of the chemical division of the headquarters. Adopt the technical route of steam turbine driven circulating water pump to replace two 560 kW circulating hydropower pumps, saving 8.96 million kwh of electricity and nearly 5.3 million yuan of electricity annually; Reasonably utilize low-temperature waste heat, replace steam as heat source, and uniformly recover the condensate after heat exchange to the circulating water system as make-up water, saving 430000 tons of water per year; Replace 39 abnormal insulation parts to reduce steam loss. Through a multi pronged approach, the hourly steam consumption is reduced by 6 to 8 tons, saving about 64000 tons of steam per year

the energy consumption of caprolactam combined unit of caprolactam Department accounts for more than 32% of the total energy consumption of Baling Petrochemical listed sector. Through the previous urban steam system optimization activities, the company's energy management team found that its main devices have great energy-saving potential, and then led by the production management department, set up an energy optimization team for caprolactam combined device, starting with the proportion of energy consumption, and taking into account the principles of key breakthroughs and systematization, to carry out energy structure analysis and clarify the key problems, According to the 31 problems sorted out, the measures of strengthening management and technical transformation were taken respectively. The energy consumption of caprolactam area unit was reduced from 368 kg standard oil/ton to 318 kg standard oil/ton, and the set KPI index plan was completed

by carrying out caprolactam energy optimization, the company has established and solidified the workflow of energy optimization and research activities to achieve the normalization of energy-saving research

promote the application of energy-saving technology to improve energy efficiency

in view of the actual operation of each unit, Baling Petrochemical adopts the method of "Eight Immortals crossing the sea and each shows his magic power", and promotes the application of energy-saving technology (materials) to improve energy efficiency according to local conditions. They reformed the heat source of the heat transfer oil system of the dehydrogenation unit of the cyclohexanone unit in the caprolactam department, using 3.8 MPa steam instead of liquefied gas as the heat source to heat the heat transfer oil, and the steam will continue to be used as the heat source of the alcohol tower reboiler and dehydrogenation evaporator after use, realizing the step-by-step use of steam. 180 kg of liquefied gas can be saved per hour, with an annual energy saving effect of 6.63 million yuan

the low-pressure steam pipeline of the resin Department of the company has a long service life, and some pipelines are damaged. Especially in the rainy season, rainwater enters the protective layer, causing the performance of thermal insulation materials to fail, and rainwater evaporation, resulting in a large amount of heat loss. In this regard, the company replaced the original low-pressure steam main pipe insulation with new insulation materials and nano porous aerogel gel composite insulation products in June 2019 through the contract energy management project mode. Professional monitoring shows that before and after the transformation of the outer steam pipeline, the heat flow density decreased from 303.5 watts per square meter to 158 watts per square meter, saving about 8476 tons of low-pressure steam per year, with an annual energy saving value of 1.16 million yuan

in the past two years, the company has also implemented the energy efficiency improvement project of coal-fired power plants, and carried out energy-saving transformation of the through flow part of two 25 MW condensate extraction units of the Ministry of heat and power. Among them, after the reconstruction of No. 7 steam turbine, the efficiency under various working conditions increased by 7.42 percentage points, saving more than 3000 tons of standard coal per year. At the same time, they comprehensively promoted the application of the new chromium manganese tungsten wear-resistant cast iron coal grinding ball technology. According to the load, coal quality, coal mill current, pulverized coal fineness and other factors, they constantly improved the daily steel ball adding system, reasonably added and increased medium steel balls, strengthened the equipment maintenance of the pulverizing system, and finely controlled the opening of the stationary blade baffle of the coarse powder separator and the rotating speed of the moving blade frequency converter, saving 600000 kwh of power annually, The power consumption index of Coal Pulverization must be in the forefront of the self owned power stations of the group company to ensure that the data are smooth and flat

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