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Beware of new industrial islands in industrial interconnection

what is the core of industrial interconnection? It is an identity resolution system, which is equivalent to an interconnected domain name resolution system. With it, everything on the can be found, where it comes from and where it goes. Wang Bohua, CEO of Inspur Group, said

at the Nanjing soft Expo, Wang Bohua shouted that local governments and industry leaders should quickly apply for secondary nodes. This is because grabbing the secondary node is equivalent to grabbing a toll station on a future highway. The highway is not built by you, but the toll station is yours

the industrial interconnection identification analysis system is the key hub to realize the information exchange of all elements and links of industry. By giving identification to each object, and with the help of industrial interconnection identification analysis system, information query and sharing across regions, industries and enterprises can be realized. At present, the national top nodes of industrial interconnection identification analysis have been deployed and launched in five major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Wuhan. The construction of secondary nodes has also been launched and launched in Foshan, Guiyang, Beijing, Wuhan and other places. At the same time, a number of secondary nodes are also under construction in automotive, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics, food, high-speed trains and other industries

beware of new industrial islands

at present, the four major scenarios of industrial interconnection generally refined in the industry include intelligent production, personalized customization, networking collaboration, and service-oriented extension. However, Wang Baihua believes that one of the biggest problems in these four types of application scenarios is that they should be replaced immediately, that is, they are establishing independent connections under the guise of industrial interconnection. It is wrong for an enterprise to build a small circle around the upstream and downstream, which is called industrial interconnection. The real industrial interconnection should be that everyone connects everything to the same bus, which is called industrial interconnection

connection is still the largest large plastic market, and there are several 10 problems. In an interview, Wang Baihua was very worried about this: if there is on-site interconnection, upstream and downstream interconnection, but there is no comprehensive interconnection, as in the past, it is suggested that relevant protection should be carried out in the process of use. It can be used to create industrial islands. At present, the state is building a logo analysis, but he advocates that local governments and enterprises should take the initiative to invest in construction and jointly entrust the implementation of the regulations on optimizing the business environment to industrial interconnection. If we do not build nodes, all those that are under the banner of industrial interconnection and cannot be connected in the future will be industrial islands. The dream of industrial interconnection cannot be realized

in fact, the isolated island of equipment in the plant is not terrible. Because whether enterprises engage in industrial interconnection or not, internal connection is necessary, because they want to engage in intelligent production. However, if the factory is disconnected from the industry, or even an industry Island, the waste will be enormous, which will delay the process of industrial interconnection

new opportunities in China's software industry

decades of experience in the software industry has made Wang Baihua see that industrial interconnection will also become a new opportunity in China's software industry. This is modularization, interfacing and microservice

for a long time, the informatization of Chinese enterprises is for internal informatization. However, if the upstream and downstream of an enterprise are all connected, any enterprise is equivalent to a node within the enterprise in the past, and an industrial chain is an enterprise. Therefore, industrial interconnection has broken the traditional methods of enterprise informatization, and the system may also be broken and need to be redone, including ERP

compared with Europe and the United States, Chinese enterprise management software lacks architecture, but in the era of industrial interconnection, the traditional software industry will have new development space. Since there is a lack of architecture, we should make the architecture smaller through modularization, interfacing and microservice. Therefore, industrial interconnection not only brings value to enterprises, but also brings another take-off opportunity to the software industry, which is industrial interconnection software

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