Beware of the potential hazards of plastic barrels

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Beware of the potential hazards of plastic barrels of oil

be careful after using plastic barrels of edible oil: according to the investigation of the scientific research team of the school of basic medicine of Tongji University, the edible oil in plastic barrels will dissolve into plasticizers harmful to human body. Scientists' research results show that the chronic toxicity of plasticizers has mutagenicity and carcinogenicity

at present, it is not clear whether the potential harm of plasticizers produced by plastic barrels is within a "reasonable range". Blind panic is certainly not desirable, but since the problem has been found, all sectors of society should actively take measures to eliminate the harm and prevent it

it is reported that plastic products made of high molecular materials such as polyethylene or nylon are non-toxic. However, in order to make plastic products have more properties, such as enhancing flexibility, it is necessary to add various plasticizers and stabilizers within 2 seconds from the time the sample is discharged to the impact. These additives may easily dissolve into oil and bring chronic and continuous harm to human health and the natural environment. Now cancer is on the rise, which is closely related to various chronic hazards

with regard to the harm of plastic plasticizers, the news about cancer caused by plastic wrap last year has caused considerable social repercussions. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China finally banned the use of PVC plastic wrap to directly package meat and cooked food. Moreover, plastic products widely used in building materials, including water pipes, etc. with the passage of time, plasticizers slowly overflow from plastic products and enter the air, soil, water and even food, which will eventually pollute the whole natural environment

The invention of plastic can be regarded as a masterpiece of mankind in the 20th century. It has become an indispensable and important raw material in modern civilized society and has become a part of our life. However, while we are enjoying the benefits brought by the invention of plastics, the potential hazards of plastic products are increasingly coming into the public eye. While taking advantage of the convenience brought by high-tech products to reduce or suspend procurement, how to effectively prevent the risks has become an urgent social issue to be solved

first of all, the authoritative testing organization needs to make a back measurement in time, and the system will automatically reset; Should, in order to eliminate public concerns as soon as possible. It is reported that the current regulations have not yet defined the maximum allowable amount of plasticizers in food containers, because the lag of relevant standards has not only hindered the export of domestic plastic products, but also led to the entry of foreign products containing outdated plasticizers. Scientific and technological progress can be described as changing with each passing day. New materials and new products emerge in endlessly. The business behavior of eager for quick success and instant benefit may lead to the lack of guarantee of its safety performance in 2015, which requires strict and diligent control

as ordinary consumers, in order to avoid or reduce the harm of plasticizers in plastic products, we need to change some living habits and have more safety awareness. For example, try not to use plastic products to contain high-temperature food. For example, do not use plastic film to pack hot fried dough sticks and scones, do not use colored plastic bags to directly pack cooked food, do not use microwave ovens to heat food in plastic containers, and be careful to use plastic cooking tools, such as plastic spoons

as businesses, they also need to use plastic products in accordance with relevant food hygiene standards as much as possible. For some discerning plastic product manufacturing enterprises, taking the initiative to use and develop plasticizers with safe performance not only serves the society, but also can obtain huge business opportunities

the ultimate goal of economic development is to benefit everyone and adhere to people-oriented. Paying attention to the sustainability and safety of development is the meaning of implementing the scientific concept of development. We hope that the potential hazards of plastic barreled edible oil can be properly addressed

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