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Manitowak: work together to focus on the development of advanced semiconductor materials such as electronic grade polysilicon, 200mm and 300mm monocrystalline silicon wafers, large-size silicon carbide monocrystals, gallium nitride wafers and so on to create the future

manitowak: work together to create the future - CONEXPO celebration ceremony information

Chinese workers need to adjust the belt tension at this time mechanical information

one of the largest construction engineering companies in Europe, Sweden's steniman company and manitowak crane company held a special ceremony at the CONEXPO currently being held in the United States to jointly celebrate the long-term partnership established by the two sides. The leaders and relevant personnel of Sweden sneiman and manitowak gathered at the booth, raised their glasses and wished the two sides more success in their future cooperation. 2. Minimum graduation value: 0.01j

the leaders and relevant personnel of Swedish sneiman company and manitowak company gathered at the booth and raised their glasses to celebrate.

Swedish sneiman company is the authorized distributor of Botan tower crane in Sweden and operates spare parts of Botan tower crane in Europe. In 2016, more than 100 Botan tower cranes were purchased. The leaders of the company visited with great interest the new products mdt219 and md559 of Botan tower cranes on display at the booth. These two new Botan tower cranes were unveiled in North America for the first time. Swedish Sdn ö rmann company said that it would continue to support the development of manitowak and Botan in the future, and was full of confidence in the future business development of the company

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