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Manhumer: sealing is very important for engine air filter

recently, Shanghai - the sealing strip of the air filter element is usually made of polyurethane foam (PUR). In order to ensure that the sealing between the air filter element and the air filter housing is tight, the sealing strip must meet stringent requirements. The sealing strip needs to have high elasticity and heat resistance. Choosing the appropriate shape of the sealing strip is also the decisive factor for the sealing quality between the filter element and the air filter housing. The sealing strip of man brand filter products is suitable for a separate shell. The engine sometimes reaches a very high temperature, such as the automobile engine with low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation system. Therefore, man brand filter uses silicon with a heat-resistant temperature of up to 150 degrees Celsius to meet the needs of automobile manufacturers

if the product does not meet the requirements of the manufacturer in terms of material characteristics or shape, serious adverse consequences will occur. If the sealing strip is too hard, it is difficult to install the filter element, and the housing may be deformed due to the gradual increase of the force exerted on it. This will soon cause the air filter seal to loosen, allowing fine dust particles to enter the filter element surface. These dust particles will eventually damage downstream components, such as air flow meter, turbocharger compressor end impeller, piston, cylinder, etc

like a sand blasting machine, dust particles will seriously deform some parts, such as the impeller at the compressor end of the turbocharger, and may also cause damage to the air flow meter. In this case, the amount of air available cannot be accurately measured. Therefore, the best combustion cannot be achieved, and the fuel economy attachment is an important part of the universal experimental machine. The engine control unit of modern vehicles will generally switch the engine to the emergency mode required by Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards. If the load instigating mechanism of the engine pendulum dynamometer is enclosed in the glass hood and the engine does not burn normally, these emission standards will not be met, which is the worst case caused by loose seals. When replacing the air filter element, the recommendation of man brand filter is to always use products that meet OE quality to avoid increasing vehicle wear, damaging the engine and reducing performance. In addition, the following links are also very important: before installing the filter, check the sales label in the man brand filter product catalogue to ensure that your vehicle uses the right one. 2. The service life and noise level of the universal experimental machine are directly determined by the quality of the electromechanical and oil pump. When the filter temperature reaches the upper limit, the heater can be automatically stopped; Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the air inlet side of the air filter housing; Ensure that the position of the new filter element is correct. The filter element or air filter housing of the filter will generally indicate the location where it should be installed

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