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Overseas mergers and acquisitions of home furnishing enterprises are blooming everywhere, and layout upgrading has achieved the same goal by different ways

in 2018, the merger and acquisition of overseas giants by multiple home furnishing enterprises has set off waves in the industry, including famous enterprises such as MEC home furnishing, Gu home furnishing, Qumei home furnishing and nature. In the list of acquisitions, there are also some foreign "big brands" regarded as a symbol of taste by domestic consumers

from the perspective of the market as a whole, overseas M & A of Chinese enterprises in various fields has shown a strong growth trend in recent years, especially after 2016. After the economic crisis in the markets of European and American developed countries, it has brought opportunities to Chinese enterprises

just as most consumers only know "IKEA", overseas M & A cases of household enterprises may not be as well-known as "Geely Volvo" and "Suning's acquisition of inter", but they are actually becoming an unexpected and reasonable norm: "snake swallowing elephant" has long been out of date, because Chinese enterprises have long become "elephants", and the expression of "spending a lot of money" is not so accurate now, In the face of Chinese capital with rich and powerful resources, some amounts that touch the nerves of overseas brands can only be regarded as bottom reading

overseas M & a fever of household enterprises is blooming everywhere

compared with the purchase of "foreign aid" by sports clubs, the acquisition of foreign major household brands by household enterprises is more like direct "domestication". In this year's overseas M & A, the performance of domestic household enterprises is relatively strong:

on January 8, 2018, Merck household issued an announcement for two recent M & A, Meike International Business Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, purchased 60% equity of ldings Limited furniture company with us $4.92 million in cash; And viventinc, a subsidiary of the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary MEC international Proposed acquisition of Rowe fine furniture holding Corp 100% equity, with an acquisition price of US $25 million. The above two asset acquisition transactions totaled US $29.92 million, equivalent to about 195 million yuan

on January 10, gujia household announced that it had established a joint venture with Natuzzi - natuzi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the future, the company will specifically implement the development and operation of gujia household and Natuzzi's retail networks in natuzziitalia and natuzzieditions in Greater China. Gujia household invested 65 million euros with its own funds and held 51% equity of the joint venture

then, on March 1, Gu Jia announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary signed the equity transfer agreement with locom GmbH on February 28. Of course, a more well-known saying is that "Rolf benzf", a high-end brand known as "Mercedes Benz in the home industry", is pocketed by the family

Qumei home announced on the evening of May 23 that Qumei home intends to jointly issue a cash takeover offer to all shareholders of ekornesasa, a Norwegian listed company, in conjunction with Huatai Zijin. At least 55.57% of the issued shares of the target company to be acquired can significantly improve the control performance, mostly all of its shares. Assuming that all shareholders accept the offer, the transaction price is NOK 5.128 billion, totaling RMB 4.063 billion, and the consideration to be paid by the company is about RMB 3.677 billion

in addition, the company plans to raise no more than 2.5 billion yuan for the above tender offer. It is understood that ekornesasa, founded in 1934, is a large furniture manufacturer in northern Europe. Its products involve mattresses, sofas, sofa chairs, etc. it has sub brands such as ekornesacollection (furniture), stressless stiles, svane (mattress), etc

According to the analysis of insiders, compared with domestic mergers and acquisitions, the main purposes of major listed enterprises to acquire overseas well-known brands include three points: first, acquire high-end overseas brands with certain popularity in China, and find another way through mergers and acquisitions similar to "the most comfortable sofa" and "Mercedes Benz in the home sector", so as to reassure their market strategy of testing the high-end market; Second, by introducing excellent products outside its main business format, it has laid a solid foundation for the enterprise to lay out the business map of "big home"; Third, further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through brand integration and technology marriage

some people in the industry also pointed out that behind the vigorous M & A, the "ambition" of major front-line enterprises is reflected. At present, the main risk of acquiring overseas brands is whether these overseas brands do as the Romans do, or are acclimatized. In the final analysis, overseas mergers and acquisitions require rational consideration, not brand integration

consumer market feedback: there are expectations, but products and services are more important

after many overseas mergers and acquisitions, I also interviewed the old users of several brand enterprises and potential customers in the stores at the first time. In the hearts of consumers, although I am not completely familiar with these tall "foreign brands", the brand reputation of local first-line enterprises over the years is the basis of their trust. Under this brand endorsement, The introduction of "foreign brands" is trusted and accepted by most consumers

according to statistics, among the respondents, about 60% of consumers have a positive attitude towards the acquisition of overseas brands and look forward to enjoying the prosperity of our country. At the same time, they wish our country prosperity. The home quality and service from sweat resistant experimental machines in European and American countries. About 40% of consumers mentioned the actual problems such as price and after-sales after the introduction of "foreign brands" into China. At the same time, it is worth noting that due to the particularity of the home market, About 60% of consumers are not fully familiar with the several foreign "big brands" mentioned

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