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To promote the upgrading and transformation of rural electricity, shiyaogou village in Inner Mongolia has a coup

recently, in geliangliang, shiyaogou village, shagedu town and in the mountain trenches, rows and rows of towering and upright new electric poles have been raised one after another to improve the product quality and durability. The electric wires with uniform thickness are erected on the electric poles, forming a beautiful landscape and decorating the expectations and hopes of every family

with the continuous promotion of the construction of beautiful villages and the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy, the power demand of regular residents in shiyaogou village is increasing day by day, and the old agricultural facilities can no longer meet the power demand of villagers. In order to solve the problem of insufficient voltage in the whole village, shiyaogou village has run in many ways, made active preparations and coordinated comprehensively. Finally, it is related to the life and health of the people and social stability, and promoted the project of the whole village

actively report the project to seize the opportunity of transformation. In 2017, when shagedu town informed each village to report the development of infrastructure construction projects, the two committees of shiyaogou village reported the rural reconstruction project of the whole village according to the actual situation of the village, hoping to solve the problem of insufficient voltage by erecting high-voltage lines

strive to implement the transformation project. After the two village committees report the project, the film packaging leaders and the heads of the two village committees actively coordinate with the main leaders and leaders in charge of the town and constantly communicate with the heads of the power supply station. Finally, the power supply station agreed to carry out agricultural transformation of the whole village of shiyaogou

boldly sign agreements to guarantee the implementation of the project. The implementation of agricultural transformation is inseparable from the occupation of farmers' land. The staff of the power supply station introduced to the director of shiyaogou village that when carrying out agricultural transformation in other villages, they were forced to stop work because they did not deal with the problem of occupying villagers' land. I hope shiyaogou village can deal with such problems in advance. Therefore, the director of shiyaogou village took an active role and signed an agreement with the power supply station to ensure the smooth implementation of the project

do not be afraid of hot summer survey to prepare for construction. Around June this year, under the leadership of the Secretary of the village Party branch and the village director, the staff of the power supply station conducted a field survey with the presidents of all communities in the village to reduce the amount of consumables. According to the distribution of existing farmers, they determined the coordinate points, spacing, occupation of land and other issues of the new power poles to be used for agricultural transformation, making full preparations for the commencement of construction

carefully solve the contradiction to cooperate with the construction. In the middle of September, the construction of this agricultural transformation began, and two construction teams were divided into the West and north to promote it at the same time. In the process of promotion, even though a lot of ideological work has been done to farmers occupying farmers' land in the early stage, these farmers have agreed to the construction. However, during the specific implementation, there are still many problems such as occupying too much land, occupying roads, squeezing land and affecting the spring ploughing in the coming year. The film packaging leaders, the first secretary and the person in charge of the village solve the problems one by one to cooperate with the smooth construction of the construction team

shiyaogou village has a large number of agricultural reconstruction projects, involving a total of 13 communities in the village, with a total of 29 kilometers. A total of 315 electric poles need to be newly planted, including 22 electric poles with a height of 15 meters and 293 electric poles with a height of 12 meters. The project is under intense progress and is expected to be completed by the end of December

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