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Three trees with ingenuity won the "2019 people's ingenuity Brand Award"

three trees with ingenuity won the "2019 people's ingenuity Brand Award"

on December 26, 2019

on December 25, 2019, the 2019 quality development Summit Forum and the people's choice ingenuity award ceremony was grandly held in the new media building of the people's news agency. Three routine tests: elongation at break, shrinkage and recovery won the "2019 people's ingenuity Brand Award"

People's choice of ingenuity award

the "people's choice of ingenuity Award" organized by the people has been held for 15 consecutive sessions, becoming one of the most influential selection activities in the industry. "2019 Quality Development Summit Forum and the 16th People's choice ingenuity Award" gathered government leaders, industry experts and model enterprise representatives to conduct in-depth discussions on the themes of "quality improvement", "technological innovation" and "service upgrading", so as to jointly seek the way of high-quality development of the industry

the purpose of this event is to strengthen the publicity of China's quality, tell good quality stories, spread the "positive energy" of quality, encourage and call for China to speed up the construction of a quality power, and strive to make the pursuit of excellence and advocating quality become the value orientation and spirit of the times of the whole society

the award of sankeshu is the recognition of sankeshu's strong brand strength in the industry, and it also proves that sankeshu, as a leading brand of national coatings, has really entered the hearts of the people and become an ingenious brand trusted by consumers

in 2003, sankeshu paint brand was born. For more than ten years, sankeshu has stood out in China's coating industry with a total number of nearly 15000 brands, and has been selected as "China's 500 most valuable brands" for 13 consecutive times. In 2016, sankeshu was listed on the A-share main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first share of civil coatings in China. In 2019, it ranked among the top 35 coatings in the world, with a brand value of 23.985 billion yuan

original intention with ingenuity

in recent years, consumers' pursuit for the quality of home decoration and wall coating has been continuously upgraded and iterated. Healthy and clean taste and safety are the core demands of consumers for coating consumption

in order to meet this demand, sankeshu is duty bound to assume the responsibility of the industry leader. With strong scientific research strength, through the selection of high-quality raw materials from world-class famous enterprises, the upgrading and transformation of the production environment, innovative research and development of pure formula, sankeshu realizes the purification of the whole line of interior wall coating, and truly realizes 8-hour healthy living immediately

three trees of science and technology

after years of investment and development, three trees now have world-class scientific research laboratories. The R & D center covers an area of 6000 m2. It has three R & D platforms: National recognized enterprise technology center, postdoctoral scientific research workstation, academician and expert workstation, and CNAs national recognized laboratory. It is equipped with more than 100 world leading scientific research equipment. At present, there are more than 1000 scientific and technical personnel and 28 technological innovation teams have been established, with Professor gemari Ryan, the Nobel Laureate in chemistry, as the chief technical adviser

three trees for public welfare

three trees have been actively engaged in public welfare undertakings for a long time and take the initiative to undertake social responsibility. Sankeshu joined hands with China's environmental protection organization - Alxa see foundation to achieve public welfare cooperation, jointly promote the improvement of Alxa, the hardest hit area of desertification in China, and support the "100 million Haloxylon ammodendron" public welfare project. Sankeshu public welfare foundation promises to donate no less than 50 million yuan to Alxa see within 10 years to improve and protect the ecological environment in Alxa. So far, it has donated more than 2.05 million Haloxylon ammodendron experimental machines. There are too many parts. " Wang Wanjie said

Mr. Hong Jie, chairman of the board of directors of the three trees, and the companies he invested in adhere to public welfare, have devoted great enthusiasm to various social public welfare undertakings and sunshine projects, and the cumulative love donation has reached more than 100 million yuan. Since the founding of sankeshu, it has successively established the "sankeshu public welfare foundation", together with the "Putian talent development fund" for talent training, the "worry free fund" for sankeshu employees and partners, and the "Jinmiao fund" for donating teaching assistants and helping the poor and widows, to support a blue sky of love

relying on high-quality product quality and advanced technical level, sankeshu has won the trust of consumers and the affirmation of the industry. In 2020, sankeshu will continue to make the original intention with ingenuity, firmly do a good job in healthy and high-quality products, do a good job in Chinese quality, carry the banner of big country brands, serve the country through industry, display Chinese brands and Chinese influence, and realize the beautiful vision of "building the world and greening the world"

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