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May 31 is the world No Tobacco Day launched by the World Health Organization. Its purpose is to dissuade smokers from smoking on that day and stop selling tobacco products in stores for one day. Smoking is ranked first among the recognized bad living habits

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May 31 every year is the world No Tobacco Day launched by the World Health Organization. Its purpose is to dissuade smokers from smoking on that day and stop selling tobacco products in stores for one day. Smoking ranks first among the recognized bad living habits. According to statistics, tobacco causes about 6million deaths every year in the world, of which more than 600000 are non-smokers who die from second-hand smoke inhalation. Unless action is taken, the tobacco epidemic will cause more than 8 million deaths each year by 2030

research shows that the SMR value of lung cancer in smokers is significantly higher than that in non-smokers, and cancer has become one of the major diseases threatening human life today. In recent years, the occurrence and death toll of lung cancer have a significant growth trend. Medical scientists all over the world have been committed to the study of the causes of lung cancer. At present, it has been gradually found that the occurrence of lung cancer is closely related to air pollution, smoking and occupational harmful factors. The report from the World Health Organization points out that China has become one of the countries with a high proportion of deaths caused by air pollution in the world. Among the air pollution, the indoor air pollution caused by decoration should not be underestimated

with the development of social economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, interior decoration has become an important means for people to improve living conditions and quality of life. While pursuing the perfection of the room, people have quietly brought some volatile harmful substances in decoration materials to the living space. These harmful substances mainly come from the materials used in decoration, such as plywood, particleboard, paint, adhesives, solvents, waterproof agents, etc., which release formaldehyde, benzene, toluene Volatile organic compounds (TVOC) such as xylene and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

indoor air pollution control is an arduous and long-term task. There are many ways to prevent and control decoration pollution. First, we should understand the basic knowledge of indoor environmental protection, have the awareness of health first, design with the concept of green home decoration and original ecology, strengthen indoor ventilation after decoration, absorb peculiar smell and harmful gases with bamboo charcoal and activated carbon, and use anion, ozone, photocatalyst decomposition and other technologies to control. However, to eradicate indoor air pollution fundamentally, we must start from the source of pollution. Only by controlling the source of pollution can we completely eliminate indoor air pollution. Controlling the source of pollution is recognized as the most effective way to reduce pollution

the prevention and control of indoor environmental pollution focuses on the selection of materials. In the decoration, the selection of decoration materials should be cautious, and the selection of artificial stone, marble, ceramic tile, paint and coating and other decoration materials should be minimized or avoided. These materials often contain harmful substances and gases. At the same time, environmental protection decoration materials that have been supervised by national authoritative departments or produced by regular manufacturers should also be selected

a large number of plates will be used in decoration. Choosing safe and environmentally friendly plates mainly depends on three aspects:

first, the level of environmental protection. Reaching the formaldehyde content standard of E0 and E1 can be called environmental protection plate

second, look at the quality of the plate. The surface is flat without carbonization, foaming and other phenomena

third, look at the brand. Famous brands should be selected for purchasing plates, especially those selected by authoritative departments after layers of checks, such as the annual top ten brands, which will have a high credibility

as a well-known domestic wood industry group specializing in the production of panels, Xinxin wood industry group has always been committed to practicing green environmental protection and health and low carbon, and taking efficiency, environmental protection, nature and science and technology as its corporate purpose. In the 2015-2016 China home based panel series selection activities just unveiled and sponsored by the green home environment Technical Working Committee of China Interior Decoration Association, Its high-end brand bailerni was awarded the title of "China's top ten fiberboard brands". Bailerni adopted three environmental protection standards: Chinese standard E0, E1 level; American Standard carb certification system P1, P2; Japan JAS series F4 star certification standard. Using foreign advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality raw materials, bailerni has vigorously developed and developed various grades of plates, which have the requirements of modernity, personality and green environmental protection. The products are widely used in door panels, floors, building decorative panels, furniture panels, etc

the annual World No Tobacco Day is fleeting. While reminding everyone to pay attention to the health hazards of tobacco, it is more important to effectively control indoor environmental pollution, correctly guide people to create a comfortable, safe, healthy and beautiful environment, comprehensively improve the quality of life, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of human society





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