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For the two areas of kitchen and bathroom, once the waterproof work is not handled in place, it is very likely that floods will cause disasters. Today, Xiaobian will share with you a good way to make the kitchen and bathroom watertight through decoration

if you want to prevent leakage in the kitchen, the primary task is to select the materials. Water pipes are the most important concealed materials in the kitchen and bathroom space. Generally, water supply and drainage pipes must choose products with guaranteed brand and quality; Waterproof materials also need certificates and test reports

before decoration, the water storage test must be carried out on the space, and the water storage test for 48 hours must be carried out on the kitchen and bathroom floor to check the construction quality of the waterproof layer and whether there is water seepage in the floor slab of the downstairs residents. During the construction process, the wall will inevitably encounter slotted buried pipelines. After slotting, it needs to be buried, and the cracks should be filled with sealant to avoid water leakage in the later stage

before waterproof construction, the space needs to be sanitized, the garbage magazines in the area should be cleaned up, and the dust in the space should be reduced as far as possible, and then the base course of the wall and ground should be treated and leveled with a shovel. First, add a small amount of water to make the seasoning relatively dry. First, deal with the positions of internal corners and pipe roots, and then paint around the wall. After careful painting, paint the wall and ground in a large area

after the rigid waterproof coating is dried, the flexible material is used for construction. After adding water and seasoning, the thinner material is used for painting once, starting from the internal corner and pipe root, and then the wall and ground are painted repeatedly; The material for the second painting is relatively thick, and the space is painted in a large area

rigid waterproof materials refer to cement mortar concrete waterproof materials with certain impermeability prepared by taking cement, sand and stone as raw materials, or adding a small amount of additives, high molecular polymers and other materials, adjusting the mix proportion, inhibiting or reducing the porosity, changing the pore characteristics, and increasing the compactness between the interfaces of raw materials

flexible waterproof materials, mostly asphalt, linoleum and other organic materials, also known as linoleum coiled material waterproof layer, are coiled materials with fiber fabrics such as linoleum and glass cloth as the tire layer, and the waterproof layer is formed by bonding the coiled materials to the leveling layer on the roof structural plate with various cementitious materials such as asphalt

generally, the waterproof height of the kitchen wall can reach 0.3m, and the waterproof height of the washbasin and washing machine can reach 1.2m. The wall waterproofing of bathroom is generally to achieve the top, and if not, at least 1.8m high should be achieved. The waterproofing of kitchen and bathroom floors needs to pay attention to the treatment of joints. These corner positions are easy to cause moisture and mildew due to ponding. During construction, the wall and ground joints shall be painted evenly

if a large area of leakage occurs in the kitchen and bathroom space, the floor tiles and waterproof layer of the kitchen and bathroom need to be removed, and the waterproof treatment should be carried out again, and then the closed water test should be carried out. The surface layer can be restored only after it is qualified

generally, local leakage will occur at the root of the wall, the water outlet, the pipe through the wall and the pipe through the floor. At this time, it is necessary to use a cutting machine to cut these parts into the waterproof layer, clean the waterproof layer, and then re brush the waterproof material. After the waterproof layer is cured, conduct a closed water test for 24 hours to 48 hours, and then restore the surface layer if it is qualified to be watertight

although there is the above waterproof decoration work, we should still pay attention to the protection of some household appliances in the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, if ordinary switches and sockets are used, protective covers should be added. Prevent water from splashing inside the device and affecting its use

waterproofing is a top priority for kitchens and bathroom rooms, so we should be more careful in dealing with it, choose the right materials and construction methods, and achieve all aspects of waterproofing, so as to achieve no leakage





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