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Greenhouse gases make the earth fever, how to make your home low-carbon cool? At the beginning of the design, we must comprehensively consider the materials and material sources, construction technology and later use, in order to deduce the best effect of low carbon

greenhouse gases make the earth a high fever. How to make your home cool and low-carbon? At the beginning of the design, we must comprehensively consider the materials and material sources, construction technology and later use, in order to deduce the best effect of low carbon

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first of all, at the beginning of home decoration, material selection is particularly important. What kind of materials can be environmentally friendly and low-carbon? We have learned something about environmental protection from our daily life, but low carbon may still be a conceptual understanding. In fact, at the design stage of home decoration, designers have considered low-carbon issues from many aspects

designers try not to recommend pure solid wood products in the selection of boards. Nowadays, with the increasing scarcity of forest resources, people pay more and more attention to the protection and control of deep forest resources, resulting in the slow growth cycle of solid wood, and the formed wood has to be treated with insect, mold and deformation prevention, so as to destroy the original structure of trees, resulting in the relatively poor stability and environmental protection of solid wood products. In addition, trees are the best natural purifier to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Protecting forest resources is also our obligation to our home. Therefore, when designers design, the ground will give priority to the use of solid wood composite floor or bamboo wood floor. Now, the society has launched “ Zero formaldehyde plate ”, Also known as “ Hexiang board ”. This kind of board is developed with crop straw as the main raw material, so that the formaldehyde emission is lower than the most stringent E0 environmental protection standard in Europe, and it can almost reach zero formaldehyde emission

when it comes to painting, there are not only environmentally friendly water-based paints, but also water-based paints mixed with clean water without alkene materials. For example, we now use German Dufang water-based paint in our design. Compared with traditional oil-based paint, the environmental protection performance of water-based paint is its biggest advantage. The water-based paint does not contain benzene, xylene and other recognized toxic and harmful substances. At the same time, it is superior to the oil-based paint in terms of flexibility, weather resistance, yellowing resistance and construction performance of the paint film. In addition, the water-based paint is diluted with clean water. Of course, clean water is the most environmentally friendly and low-carbon, and there is no need to worry about chemical pollution

try to avoid using non renewable materials such as natural marble in wall decoration. As we all know, marble has its own shortcomings of radiation, so we should choose renewable materials such as gypsum board to replace it. The choice of gypsum board is also very important. At present, there is a kind of gypsum board made of medical recycled gypsum in the market, which contains harmful ingredients to human body. We must pay attention to the brand when purchasing gypsum board

in home decoration, the environmental protection role of concealed works can not be underestimated. Because concealed works have been placed out of the sight of owners for a long time, the pollution they produce is often not valued by owners. For example, in the selection of water pipes, we must not choose the galvanized pipes for transmission, because the galvanized pipes only have a service life of 15 years. Frequent replacement is not only a waste of time and money, but also a waste of resources and not low carbon

in the circuit transformation, the traditional plastic sleeve should also be changed into galvanized steel pipe in the design of wire sleeve, which not only has a longer service life, but also has a higher recycling efficiency of steel, reduces white pollution, and most directly shows the design concept of environmental protection and low carbon. In addition, the choice of lamps and lanterns can also reflect the low-carbon concept. Replace ordinary bulbs with energy-saving lamps and choose switches that can adjust brightness. These details not only reflect the people-oriented design concept, but also save a lot of energy





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