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Fault causes and troubleshooting methods of sewage pump

fault causes and troubleshooting methods of sewage pump

1. Cause analysis and troubleshooting methods of pump flow or head decrease

pump reverse rotation

the conveying head is too high

the pumped medium is bypassed

water outlet pipe leaks

the outlet pipe may be partially blocked by sediment

the pump is partially blocked

impeller or base worn

turn off the main power supply of the control box and replace the two-phase power line

check: whether the model selection is correct; Whether the outlet pipe size is correct

check whether the valve is closed, and then test the pump at full load

find out the leakage point and repair it

check the pipeline, clean or replace it

check and clean the pump (including those used in filtration)

adjust clearance or replace parts

2. No flow after pump operation

cause analysis and troubleshooting

air plug

check the water discharge valve

pump reverse

frequently open and close the valve; Start and stop the pump several times, and the time interval between starting and stopping the pump is 2~3 minutes; Check whether the release valve needs to be installed according to the installation method

open the valve; Check whether the valve is installed in the wrong direction

turn off the main power supply and replace the two-wire power line

3. Pump 20 ~ 100hrb starts and stops too frequently

cause analysis and troubleshooting

the selected distance of float switch is too short

the non-return valve fails, and the non-return valve does not return, causing the liquid to flow back into the sewage pool

a. readjust the float switch to extend the operation time

b. check and repair the valve

4. Pump fails to stop

cause analysis and troubleshooting

float switch function failure

the floating ball float is stuck in the working position

check and replace as necessary

loosen and adjust the position as required

5. After the pump is started, the circuit breaker and overload breaker will jump

cause analysis and elimination method

the voltage is too low

the voltage is too high

motor wiring error

deposits are accumulated at the bottom of the volute

check the voltage. If the voltage is too low, it cannot be used; If the cable is too long, resulting in excessive voltage drop, the cable shall be shortened as far as possible, and the thicker cable shall be properly selected

use a transformer to adjust the voltage to the normal range

check the 2014 spring Juxian cable color number and connector label in the control box and check the wiring

clean the pump and sewage tank, see the relevant parts in the installation instructions

6. The pump cannot be started, the fuse is blown or the circuit breaker is tripped

cause analysis and troubleshooting

floating ball fault

short circuit of winding, connector or cable

the pump is blocked

check whether the bypass float switch can start the pump. If so, check the float switch

check with an ohmmeter. In case of short circuit, check the winding, connector and cable

cut off the power supply, move the pump out of the sewage tank, remove obstacles, and try it out before resetting

7. The pump cannot be started

cause analysis and troubleshooting

no power

open circuit of winding, cable, terminal block or control box

the most commonly used method is to check whether the power supply of the control box is normal for a 4mm thick sample with a deflection of 6mm

check the cables, motor connectors and windings. (end)

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